Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good old fashioned ice cream: Fosselman's in Alhambra

Every time I'm in Alhambra...I always have the urge for ice cream at Fosselman's.  I have no shame...I go in by myself all the time...since I'm usually running around by myself.  

Once in awhile my friend Alison or her mom Auntie Norna will go with me which makes it even more enjoyable, but truly, I can enjoy ice cream on my own.  

One time, I was there with Ali and Roy, and we ran into my friend Ryan Cross the jazz musician who lived near by...and he came in on his own just to enjoy a tasty sundae! 

This ice cream isn't super rich like Haagen-Dazs, but it's just tasty and delicious.  I like the Dutch chocolate, blueberry and now wild mtn black raspberry thanks to Auntie Norna.

Here's my usual Dutch chocolate cone I get almost every time I go.  Doesn't it make you wish you could reach out and take it from hand and lick it?!  

She was the one who made the black raspberry, raspberry sauce sundae and it was so delicious...but since I normally get the Dutch chocolate, I thought that would be a great combo.  I just wish I had more raspberry sauce!

Anyhow...you all know that I'm a huge ice cream freak!  And for all you ice cream freaks out there...raise your cone or spoon and let's get eating!!   

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tonkotsu Ramen, Kyushu style @ Ton Chan Ramen in San Gabriel

Chef Sakai was so sweet and agreed to sit with me on camera, but is a bit camera shy, so I did all the talking (I was unrelenting and wanted you all to see and meet him so you could say hi when you go in).  But off camera...man!  He has so much information and is a wealth of knowledge!  He's so cool and his passion for his ramen and the tonkotsu soup is unreal!  This guy takes his ramen making very seriously.

For the main article on Examiner.com

I am not a ramen expert by any means but the things that I do know, I will share with you.  I know what I enjoy eating, the textures, the ingredients, the flavors. 

The Hakata ramen has the thinner noodles so that the thick, rich, fatty soup doesn't cling to it as much and make your lips all greasy.  You can see the black garlic oil film and bits of the black garlic.  I know you're all thinking what I'm thinking...better check your teeth before you go out in case you have little black bits all stuck inside your teeth.

The chashu is extremely tender when you bite into it and there is just the perfect amount of fat on it that makes you wish you ordered more for your two extra sides.  In fact, I think I'm going to get extra chashu and extra green onions.  THAT would be heavenly.  

You can see the thicker ramen noodle that is typically served with the shiyo, or shoyu ramen because the soups aren't as heavy and thick so you want the soups to cling to it as much as possible.

Oh how I love my egg yolk undercooked.  I just want to take another bite of this right now!!

First of all, you HAVE to order gyzoa when you eat ramen.  And when you come you here...it's an absolute must!  It comes out sizzling on the hot plate and they are a great size.  Not all skinny and store bought.  You know which ones I'm talking about.  So many places use frozen gyoza, but these are all made by hand in store.  These are delicious...*sigh* look at how perfectly golden and crispy the bottoms are!  You know you want to just pluck one up, dip it and eat it!  I have to say, these are my favorite gyozas so far of any Japanese restaurant I've been to.  Thank you Chef Sakai!

This picture of the coagulated layer on top of the soup is to show you the gelatin that was released from the pork bones during the cooking process of 30+ hours, and then the continued addition of more pork bones to add even more flavor and release more gelatin which makes the thickness of the soup.

Ok, this is nothing like the mango pudding you get at Chinese restaurants.  It's much more tender in consistency, but what I absolutely loved about it was the mango syrup on top!  Wow!!  Incredible punch of flavor!  Yum!  And even better...IT'S FREE!!  Yippee!  I love dessert!  I swear, the older I can't I just can't stop eating dessert!  WTH!

And lastly, for all you food eating competitors...they have a ramen speed eating competition coming up.  Don't worry, you don't have to eat 20# of ramen to win...you just have to eat fast!  This is nothing like my pho eating competition!

For more info you can go to their event page on Facebook or go to www.twitter.com/tonchanramen.

Many thanks to Chef Sakai for sharing the intimate details of his kitchen and recipes!  Yukiko-san for your hospitality and the rest of the guys in the kitchen and waitstaff for your!  Chef Jay Terauchi for the intro and filming!!

Check out Chef Jay's blog, http://www.kahunaofthekitchen.com/

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Noodlelicious filet mignon pho @ Pho Huynh

For the article on Examiner.com

I really enjoyed the Pho bac and now that I know about it, I am most definitely coming back here for it. And that freaking soda Chanh!  I swear it's lime, but it is sooooooo awesome!  I LOVE it!!  I swear I could have had like three cups of that!  

Now I have a pho place to go to!  AND it's so cheap!!  $7.00 for a bowl of Pho Bac and most of the other pho's are only $6.00!  How can you go wrong?!  Seriously, it's all about the cheap eats...but it's gotta taste good too!

Thank you Jay Terauchi for showing me your fave pho place and filming!

Now go get your own bowl!!

Pho Huynh

9706 E Garvey Ave

S El Monte, CA 91733


Open 7 days a week

7:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Taste of Seoul: Eat Cake Cafe in Rowland Heights



Main article and video with Tricia on the examiner.com

So, I know that there is always quite a bit of lag time between my posts, but there is a very good reason.  Life is crazy and busy, but truly, I'm not always inspired by the food where it makes me feel compelled to talk about it.  Doesn't that ever happen to any of you?  Especially you artists out there...when you lace inspiration, it's hard to be motivated.

WELL!  Let me just say, I have finally found something that has lit a candle beneath my ass and I feel very passionate about this and that's why I'm writing.  Even while I was driving, I was thinking about what I wanted to say and couldn't wait to get home to type.

 As many of you know, I'm pretty picky about what I eat and what I try and share with you guys.  Anyhow...I'm pretty hard core eating my carb items...I love gluten, I love what it does and how it affects my bread and when something says, gluten free...for some reason, it makes me think, "oh crap!  It's going to taste like crap!"  Many of you may think the same thing. It's like when someone says it's healthy for you, I immediately think...it's gotta taste like s*&#!  

That cake above is the green tea chiffon cake...100% rice floor, 100% gluten free and I am 100% in LOVE with this cake.  The spongy, tender cake is so awesome and is perfectly paired with light whip cream frosting. It has a slight citrus flavor, whatever it is...I'm sold over and over again!  I can't tell you enough how much I love this cake.  I normally wouldn't even pick green tea...but this cake is the damn bomb!  I will have to try to the other chiffon cakes too.

You can see the cake and how it looks so light and airy.  It doesn't have a super strong green tea flavor...for me...it's perfection.  Truly. I want this cake for my birthday.

Now, the mango mousse cake has incredible flavor which I love, but the cake texture is not like the chiffon and this is where I might be missing what gluten does for cake.  It's still moist, but has a bit more of a crumbly texture which I'm not used to, BUT the flavor is outstanding.

I think it's amazing what they've done with rice flour...and I'm super excited about this bakery.  I also LOVED the custard bun and triangle toast!

Soft bread, silky vanilla custard...yum!  

Milk bread covered in a sweet, buttery coating...and as Michael Lee said...decadent.  Toast it up and drink it with coffee or some black tea.  Delicious.

I just love the lighting...it's called an Ooni light. 

Thank you Michael and Tricia for your hospitality and the thoughtfulness you both put into Eat Cake Cafe.  I love it. 

Last thing...I think it's incredible that they just opened up and they are already giving back to different charitable organizations.  I love that!  People helping others in need...Tricia and Michael are truly kind and giving people.  Go to their webpage and click on giving to find out more info. 

Thank you Chef Jay Terauchi for the introduction and helping me film!! I couldn't have done it with out!

Korean BBQ & Pizza Collide @ Pizza & Chicken Love Letter

Even the signage makes you want to read it as Love Letter Pizza & Chicken...and of course my dyslexia is kicking in hard and i'm saying everything backwards!  hahaha

So you can see their weekday specials.  It's great!  I saw a whole family of like 4 or 5 come in and eat and they got the combo!  It was perfect and economical.  Hey man...times are tough!  Believe me...I know.  Anywhere I can find a good deal.  Sometimes it's hard to find great food for cheap, so you have to settle a little.
My favorite....coke!

The bulgogi pizza.  I will say I wished it had more bulgogi on it and if I'd paid better attention I would've said no peppers extra meat. Because I didn't get a strong taste of the bulgogi which I would've liked.  Oh well.  It was ok...(cause I hate green peppers!) the dough is kind of soft...this isn't what I would call the most incredible pizza in the world, but it was fun to try.  I should try the ever popular sweet gold potato pizza and maybe the spicy chicken and cheese dish.  I guess I figured, it was like a "value meal" they might not put as much, but who knows.  I'll try it again one more time and see if they can give me more meat.

The chicken wings were quite tasty and I was definitely lickin' my fingers.  

Check out the video...

So if you're looking for something fun, unique, trying to stop the munchies or you've got kids who want something different...check it out.  They have a bunch of other locations as well:

Garden Grove
Rowland Heights

and in other parts of the country!

Annandale VA
Centreville VA
Fairfax VA
New York NY
Suwanee GA
Johns Creek GA
Chicago IL

WOW!  Pretty cool!

This is a chain from Korea, I asked and they said yes.  

All the restaurant info can be found in the article from the link.

And a huge mahalo to Chef Jay Terauchi for joining me and helping me film this segment!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

101 Noodle Express: It's all about the beef roll

 Article #2 is up!  This really is for all you people who have never heard of 101 Noodle Express!  Especially many of you who don't live near Alhambra.  My dear friends, many of you who live on the West side, or in O.C., you know who you are, or the IE.  This bit is for you!

A couple of you, Eric and Urmr, got a chance to experience 101 with me for the first time.  These beef rolls are the bomb!  Seriously.  Some places over do it on the sauce and it's just too sweet and kind of cloying on the tongue.  Here...it's there, but not over powering.  It's awesome.  And the pancake is just perfect! I've had some super doughy rolls, and there is just to much pancake to the meat ratio.  Alison and A. Norna...know exactly what I'm talking about.  We had a bit of a beef roll fest and this one is just superior.


So check it out yourselves!!

click below to take you to the article

101 Noodle Express: It's all about the beef roll