Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Capital Grille Happy Hour in Beverly Hills with Anita Lau aka Mad Hungry Woman

The Capital Grille
8614 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 358-0650 

I had the distinct pleasure of FINALLY meeting Ms. Anita Lau, the ULTIMATE Yelper at her Capital Grille Happy Hour event.  Anita is quite famous for her blog, http://madhungrywoman.com/bio/.  Follow her on all of her amazing eating adventures!  If you Yelp and want to know about a restaurant...especially in Orange County, it's pretty safe to say, Anita's already eaten there and given it a review!  I had a blast meeting her and her fellow Yelpers/Foodies who are always ready to snap off a shot of dish or drink and post a review. 

It's always fun meeting people who have a serious obsession with food like myself...what was more hilarious was that they had a table of the food all ready for us crazy bloggers to take pictures so that later on, we could just enjoy the food without having to take a million pictures!  So smart! 
If you are in L.A. and looking for a fun spot for Happy Hour, you should check out the HH at The Capital Grille in Beverly Hills on the bottom floor of the Beverly Center.  Besides the food and drinks you can get...there's Valet Parking specifically for their restaurant!  You can't beat that!  Scroll down and see what you can get and enjoy!  Make sure you sign up for special deals/offers they send out for people who sign up!

Check out the goodies and for just $6!  

 Lobster Salad Sandwiches...

Shrimp Cocktail...

These shrimp were massive!!!  So good...just a nice simple shrimp cocktail.

Mini Tenderloin Sandwich...

The meat was very tender...my only wish would be to have more sauce or mayo to give it a bit more moistness. 

Miniature Fresh Mozzarella, Crisp Prosciutto, and Basil Sandwiches...

This was my absolute favorite item of the evening!!  It had so much flavor and who doesn't love cheese, prosciutto and basil?!  I could eat a bunch of these delicious little babies!

Homemade Chips...

Mini Signature Cheeseburgers...

This little burgers were so cute...I am a total mayo freak...that's all I probably would've needed along with the other condiments and it would've been just fine for me!  

Parmesan Truffle Fries...

Wouldn't I kill for some fresh shavings of black truffle to go with it too!  haha

It's not a happy hour with yummy drinks!

 Grapefruit Buck...

 Absolut Ruby Red with a splash of Elderflower Cordial, ginger beer and fresh squeezed lim juice topped with Campari and garnished with a fresh ruby red grapefruit wedge.  For all you grapefruit lovers!  This one is so NOT for me...I hate grapefruit because it's too bitter to be...and yes...even Ruby Red grapefruit is still bitter to me.

The Bohemian...

 Absolut Peach with a splash of Mixed Berry Cordial topped with chilled Champagne and garnished with fresh raspberries.  These could be dangerous because they are so tasty!

Mojita De Uvas...

Bacardi Light Rum, fresh squeezed lime juice, cane sugar syrup, fresh mint and green grapes, topped with chilled Champagne.  Garnished fresh mint.

This was definitely a crowd favorite!

Thank you so much Anita for the invite to join you for this delicious happy hour!!  Looking forward to sharing another meal with you! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Los Dos Molinos in South Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix South
Los Dos Molinos
8684 S. Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85042-7605

Read the sign!  Make sure you know the hours so you don't go when it's closed.

So sad that it's closed Sunday and Monday!  I've tried to go before on a Monday and I didn't know the hours...now I do!

If you go through the patio you can see this door. 

Alright...let's get straight to the video then you can see more pics of the food up close and personal!

I know!  I couldn't stop making little notations after I was done eating...I just feel like it's so important to talk about the specific things that make the food good.  When I mentioned that they didn't need salt or pepper, because the food is so well seasoned, some people may feel it's bordering on salty...but with the sour cream it really just balanced it all out.

My favorite!!  A super icy cold Coke!!  I can not NOT drink a cold Coke when I'm having Mexican food, or burgers, or anything fried, or pizza and ...DAMN IT!  I just love drinking Coke!!  I try to drink it in moderation though.  

Gotta get the Cheese Crisp with everything on it!  I saw some other customers who ordered it with everything on it!  Oh man!!  It looked so good!  And don't forget to order that side of home made sour cream...or if not completely home made, but doctored up sour cream.  Tasty!

The pork adovada was so insanely tender!  Make sure you get this burrito enchilada style and of course, use that sour cream!

I enjoyed this restaurant and the food...I want to go back.  If you're out in South Phoenix...so check out.  It's a quirky little place with fun decor and it's just funky.  I liked it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Disneyland's Main Street Cone Shop - More Ice Cream!!!

Yes...more glorious ice cream!!  I can not NOT have ice cream when I'm at Disneyland.  There are so many places within Disneyland that serve ice cream and this happens to be one that I have never been to!! It's tucked away in a little alley off Main Street near the lockers.  They have two types of sundaes and of course scoops are available, ice cream cookie sandwich and sliced caramel apple.

My sister and I got the Street Car sundae, even though the Firehouse 105 with the marshmallow topping sounded ever so tempting!

You can see the two different pools of caramel (on the left) and fudge (on the right) in the waffle bowl.  The chocolate ice cream and mocha almond fudge were so dense and not overly soft or melted.  I completely enjoyed this sundae as did my sister Susie!  I would definitely get it again.  I might have to try the Firehouse 105 next time though. 

Ichiza:Japanese Izakaya in Vegas

4355 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Neighborhood: Chinatown

(702) 367-3151
Call ahead for reservations
Mon-Sat 3 pm - 4 am 
Sun 3 pm - 3 am

I have been meaning to come here for a few years, but never seemed to find the time to come check it out.  Recently my friend Dave came out to Vegas and he made reservations (thank God) and I finally got to eat there!!  The restaurant isn't super big so it gets crazy packed.  So please make sure you make reservations so you don't have to wait.  

There is a menu they give you when you first sit down, but make sure you look around at all the menu items on the walls.  That's where tons of items you won't find on the menu itself!  There were items all over the entire restaurant, and I wanted to make sure that I saw EVERY SINGLE item they offered, so without any shame, I got up and walked around the whole restaurant, peering over eating patrons trying to read each faded sign.   

Pickled veggies to start, the chewy greenish, white stuff was aged daikon which was so good!  What a great starter...and it was Fah-ree!!!!  

Spicy fried (kaarage) chicken...

This was nice and spicy, the chicken wasn't super crispy, but what I did enjoy about it was the raw onions which paired really well with the spicy chicken.  I think that is what actually made the dish for me.

Jalapeno fried rice...

This is one of those items that's on the wall...if you don't see it...no matter!  Just order it I tell you!!  I loved this dish!  So simple, so good, so perfect.  

Chicken gizzards with garlic chives (I can't remember what they called it). 

Gizzards are not my favorite thing, but the flavor was good, and I liked the garlic chives.  

Kakuni - stewed pork belly...

If I could have just this and the jalapeno rice drizzled with this sauce it would be in heaven.  Great flavor, tender chunks of fatty pork belly...need I say more?  This is another "MUST GET" item. 

Hmmm...I'm trying to remember what type of fish this was...

Nope, still can't remember, but it's like a napoleon with one layer with rice, there's also salsa on top of the rice.  This was really light, flavorful and loved the crispy wonton chip.  Now, I know I have a big mouth that can take large bites of food, but this tall structure would've just been too uncomfortable to try and shove in my mouth so I just deconstructed it and ate it in two pieces.

This is one of Dave's favorite things, I think it was chicken and shiso leaves.  It was really good!!  

This was interesting...eggplant, tomato and mozzerella...

I know...seems like a bit of a strange combination to be found in a Japanese restaurant...but it sounded good...so we got it.  It was pretty good, but lacked too much flavor.  Hitting it with some salt really helped bring out some flavor.  I don't know if I'd get it again.

Salmon belly...

Some of you already know, I'm not big on cooked salmon...ok...truth be told...I normally hate the way it tastes and smells.  BUT this fatty piece of salmon belly was not bad at all and I actually enjoyed it!  It doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to enjoy eating cooked salmon...but it certainly is a start!

There are many other dishes that I would love to try next time I go back, but overall, I really enjoyed it and do want to go back!!  
If you're in Vegas and looking for some tasty izakaya style cooking...go check out Ichiza and again, don't forget to make reservations and read all the items on the wall before you order!

Carmela Ice Cream & Sorbet - Pasadena

Carmela Ice Cream 
Artisan Creamery
2495 E Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104

12pm - 9pm Sunday thru Thursday
12pm - 10pm Friday and Saturday

It's summer...it's hot...it's time for some ice cream!  Carmela's makes theirs with organic ingredients...here's a little snip it from their website:

Carmela Ice Cream began selling ice cream and sorbet at local farmers markets in 2007. Our dynamic flavor palate focuses on garden-inspired ingredients such as herbs and spices, flowers, and seasonal fruit.

Flavor board...
This is the salted caramel which definitely had little bits of caramel and plenty of saltiness to go with the sweet, creaminess of the ice cream.  I got mine in a cup, but didn't know you can get little mini waffle homemade waffle cones to go with it.  I enjoyed it and just loved the simple, clean ambiance. 

They have a little freezer filled with 3 different sizes of pre-packed ice cream to take home and enjoy.  I got a couple of pint sized ones for a dinner I was going to and picked up the salted caramel along with the brown sugar vanilla bean.  

My friends weren't as crazy about the salted caramel, because they thought it a bit too salty...but loved the brown sugar vanilla bean.  Actually when I had them side by side...I seriously fell in love with the vanilla too!  And I am definitely not normally a vanilla girl...at all, unless I'm having a sundae or chocolate cake then it's gotta be vanilla...but not when I'm just enjoying a scoop of ice cream.  I would most definitely get theirs again and again...it was soooooo delicious!

They are offering ice cream making classes in July and I think one in August, and I believe they will be making Lemon Verbena Vanilla Bean and I think the watermelon sorbet?  You'd have to double check.  Anyhow...I love lemon verbena and wish I could take the class.  If you have the time and money ($100) you should check it out!

Thank you to my wonderful dear friend Cheryl and her daughter Ruby for introducing this most fabulous ice creamery to me!!

Loved it!

Go get your scoop...soon!