National Peach Ice Cream Day!

Did you know it was National Peach Ice Cream day on Tuesday?!  

If you didn''s ok.  Now you know.  

In honor of National Peach Ice Cream day...I was on the Vegas Morning Blend whipping up a super delicious, cold and creamy, peach concoction!!

Here's the segment from Tuesday morning's show on the Vegas Morning Blend!

Here's the recipe.  Remember, this is like an adult shake that's so good.  Micah, the producer was so cute...he had picked up some peach ice cream for me for the show that morning, but for got he had to get more on his way to work.  The store he went to only had the peach yogurt, but for all of you out there who would rather have the still works great and gives that same creamy effect.

This is so perfect for any occasion!!  

D’s Peach Dreamsicle
Recipe courtesy of Chef Doreen Fang

1 serving                                              

1 ½ oz            Peach Schnapps
2 oz                Orange juice
1 lrg scoop   Peach ice cream
½ scoop        Orange sherbet
2 oz                Cranberry juice
½ scoop        Crushed ice
                        Fresh peach slice
                        Mint garnish

In a blender add the Peach Schnapps, orange juice, peach ice cream, orange sherbet and blend till smooth.  In a tall glass add the cranberry juice and add the ice cream mixture on top.

Garnish with a slice of fresh peach and mint.


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