Le Thai in Downtown Las Vegas

523 Fremont St
Las VegasNV 89101
Neighborhood: Downtown
(702) 778-0888

Mon-Thu 11:30 am - 12 am
Fri 11:30 am - 2 am
Sat 12:30 pm - 2 am

Moving back to Vegas...meeting new people, trying new places.  EATING ON A BUDGET!!!

So I've been hearing a lot of buzz about this cute little place in Downtown Las Vegas for quite some time and have been meaning to head down there and try this place...Le Thai.  I had the opportunity to meet some very cool people while working and fortunately for me...I met these two very cool and fun girls, Irene and Shannon while I was working at Pan Asian!  Anyhow...we got a group of girls together including my two Jenn's and we met up for dinner.

First of all, call for reservations...they get packed...yes...even on a Tuesday night.  
The restaurant seems so tiny when you first walk in, but there is a whole outdoor patio area with misters and trees and you feel like you're transported somewhere else besides being in the hot desert of Las Vegas.  

The menu is small but mighty.  As you can see below...that is it.  I guess it's good especially for those who may have a hard time making decisions.  

So, I wasn't sure if some of the girls wanted to just order their own dishes or share since some people may have dietary restrictions or what not...which is fine...but shit...I'm an Asian girl that not only likes to eat...but I want a variety!!!  I can't just eat one dish...it's family style all the time for me in an Asian joint or anywhere really with good food!  So lil Jenn and I decided to share a couple of things, then Irene succumbed and decided to join in our little family style dining.  

We picked a few items...first up, the Three Color Curry - Yellow, Red and Green.  We had chicken in everything I think.  Before I continue...let's talk about spice levels.  Lots of places go on a scale of 1-10.  Here at Le Thai, it's based on a scale of 1-5.  I didn't know Irene didn't eat super spicy food so originally we were asking for a medium heat but quickly decided we'd just get all our food spice level at 1.  And it's a good thing we didn't ask for more!!  It had a really serious kick for being 1!  Damn!  Poor Irene...sweating bullets!  

The combination of all three curries was really delicious...I loved the julienne of bamboo strips that added just a little crunch to the dish and plenty of curry for all three of us to cover our rice with.  This was a great dish and I would definitely order it again.

The Awesome Noodles.  Yes, that is the name of this dish.  Instead of using the darker soy sauce like they do in pad se eew, this is a light soy and it tasted like they added sugar to it.  It had a really nice sweetness to it and was balanced perfectly with the soy.  The chicken (yes, more chicken) was a little on the tough side for me...but overall... this was a great dish.  And it was indeed AWESOME!!  The flavor was just right and I love wide rice noodles!  One of my all time favorite noodles to it.  This is a "must order" at Le Thai.

We wanted to get a rice dish as well, so I asked our waitress (who some of the girls thought was a guy dressed like a girl.  You know how in Thailand, the guys in the pagents are so beautiful and even more gorgeous than the girls?!)  Anyhow...she recommended the garlic fried rice.  We got it with...yes...CHICKEN!  I know you already knew we ordered it with chicken!  =)

This was tasty...I don't even remember it being super garlicky in any way...but it definitely had great flavor and was a nice compliment to our other two dishes.  

This next dish was Jenny's, Mix Vegetable Stir Fry with shrimp.  You can see all the bits of chili in there.  Nice and spicy.  She loved it!!  

Shannon had the Tom Kha soup with mushrooms.  I just had a sip of it...but it was delicious...spicy and sour all out once.  I believe both her and Jenny got a 3 heat level...hehehe  SUPAH HOT!!!  

Overall...I loved it here!!!!!  The small menu packed a huge punch with flavor and taste!  I didn't feel the need to add any additional seasonings and it was all so delicious!!  Since my visit...I've been craving it and hope to go back soon!

Whether you're a local or just visiting Vegas...make a stop into Le Thai. 


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