Hairnet Adventures "paused"

I know I was going to start sharing some hairnet adventures with you guys...but since I just started a new job...and I'm currently in training...I'm on a bit of a hiatus from the demo'ing gig. hairnet adventures is on a brief pause till I get back to it. 

I'm sure that my new job...working the front desk of a well known and popular hotel and casino will bring even more colorful and interesting stories.  I know how sad you must all be...longing to hear about people fighting for free food. Old ladies grabbing food out of young children's hands.  People trampling me to get to a free sample of hamburgers and hot dogs.  Crazed elderly people operating electric carts...ramming into my table...knocking down food and beverages.  I've actually also witnessed them running over people! WTF!!!!!!!  Really?! They should not be allowed to operate these motorized carts!  OMG!  It's so f-ing ridiculous!!  They injure people...I'm not even kidding!  

Sorry...I digressed in a moment of rage of the bad cart drivers.   

Back to what I was talking about....Ahhhh...the joys of cooking and serving free food to shoppers.  Don't get me wrong...I love people and giving away food, I always try to make it taste damn good...and I definitely want everyone to enjoy what I am making.  But there is just another side of all of this which I wish that so many of could see from the perspective of the cook.  

There are moments where I get really annoyed or upset because of how people act and their rudeness is just so unbearable.  And I seriously feel myself get super angry and bitter...and as soon as I feel that nastiness...I immediately start to pray and I say, "God!  Please!  Give me the strength and calm I need.  Please take away my anger."  And shit sure enough...He takes it away!! If it wasn't for the good Lord...I swear...I might lose it sometimes!  I just don't get how people can be so obnoxious and rude.  What rock did they crawl out from under?!  Were they raised with animals?!  I don't you know the answer?!  

There is so much to share...but so little time.  If only I had a live video cam attached to my hairnet to show you every minute detail of how people would at times be disgusted...and other times...appalled.  But...there are in fact times when people are so kind and nice and those are the people that always make my day.  

Life is so interesting...PEOPLE are so interesting.  It never ceases to amaze me how people behave when it comes to free food.  If only we could video tape their behavior and play it back to them.  Perhaps they will rethink how they treat people and change their behavior.  

Why am I even talking about this?  I talk about it because I believe in treating people with respect and I treat people the way I want to be treated.  Is that too much to ask for?  It seems like people are so self absorbed sometimes and they can't even take the time to kind or say thanks.  

Anyhow...enough of my you've just seen a small glimpse into what it's like to demo out free food.  Over all...I work with a great group of people who I love and I think they are so sweet.  Well...most of them.  There are a couple that I could do without the attitude...but that's life.  Just take it with a grain of and move on.  Life is too short to worry about negative people.  I have way more important things and people to put all my positive energy and love into.  

Have a great day...and remember...always try to acknowledge and thank the people that cook and demo out free food.  It really does take a lot of work and effort to do that and every single person likes to be appreciated.  


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