Get Fraiche...cause it's all about the happy hour!

9411 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 

Happy Hour:
Sunday - Thursday from 5pm to Close
Friday – Saturday from 5pm to 7 pm

Happy Hour Menu!!

Let's be honest...times are tough and we are ALL looking for a great bargain!  Ok, maybe some of you are well off and don't need to worry, but who still doesn't love a good deal?!  

Anyhow...I've been wanting to check out Fraiche for quite some time and a friend of mine, let's just call him Jon, works there told me many a time to go down and check it out.

Lucky for me...Kerri and Noriko were free to hang out and of course...we were looking for something cheap to eat...but good of course!  So off to Fraiche!  Plus we had some other recommendations to go there...

So we were just going to get a few items, keep it light and just enjoy some tasty morsels. 

salmon tartare - $6
basil aioli/avocado/chives/shallots and crostini

This was so light and delicious!  My only wish...more crostinis, but I didn't even use one and it was still super good and I loved it.

baby beets - $6

Yum...who doesn't love baby beets cooked to perfection?  The little bit of ricotta and orange was just refreshing and so lovely to eat.
crispy chickpeas - $3
lime/chili/sea salt

Just an easy crispy little tid bit that's great to munch on.
truffle burger - $9
onion/boschetto/truffle aioli 

I just want to same yum...yum...and yum!  The burger was juicy and tender and cooked perfectly.  (medium rare for me)  It wasn't overwhelmed with a bunch of crap and you can just taste that beautiful essence of truffle.  Some people don't like truffle, yes it is true...some people think truffle smells like ass, but not me.  Truffles are heaven to me!!!  And I can never get enough of it!  It was so juicy that it was just dripping down my arm.  I swear...this is better than any Carl's Jr. burger commercial burger!  I'd rather lick truffle flavor off my arm than pineapple juice!  

Anyhow...loved it!
french fries - $4
aioli duo/parlsey/sea salt

These were delish!  Great with the burger!

So you can see, we had a nice assortment of food for three of us...and then...Vito and company went nuts!!  These next items were not on the happy hour menu and were sent to us compliments of the house (Vito) because of my friend Jon.  
caprese salad
heirloom toms/burrata/pesto/crispy shallots

I freaking love burrata!!  If you have never had it, you need to go somewhere (reputable) and eat it!  This was so great!  Love pesto with tomatoes and burrata.  You cannot go wrong with this dish!  
house made agnolotti
wild mushroom/Mascarpone/truffle butter

The pasta was perfectly cooked, loved the abundance of mushrooms and again...more truffle heaven in my mouth!  But wait...there's more!
truffle risotto
need i say more?

This was turning into a truffle feast...and look at how much fresh truffles we got!  Holy moly!!  I couldn't stop the fork from going to the dish and then into my mouth!  It was sick!!  
seafood tower
oysters/mussels/clams/shrimp/calamari ceviche/tuna ceviche

Ok, when this tower came out...I thought my stomach was going to bust!  Thank God I was wearing a big airy dress or else, I would've been forced to unbutton my pants so the button wouldn't fly off my pants!  
Yes...they sent us another truffle burger!!  This is what the entree portion will look like when you order it.

We didn't eat this extra burger, because Noriko and I already ate half of the first one and we had all that other lucky Nathan got this one!


I can't name all the desserts but I can tell you what's in it!  We were soooooo freaking was disgusting how much Noriko and I ate.  So much great food and so little stomach space.  But you will be proud to know that we ate almost everything!!!  

The triangle dessert is like had ricotta in it I believe.  Then chocolate lava cake...and a mascarpone dessert!  OMG!  Ok...I like!  I'm sick with the flu and can't remember what was in it! I didn't mean to lie.  But just so you was all damn good!  I'm sorry Vito I couldn't remember the names of all the desserts.

Beyond saying thank you to Vito and Jon for the spectacular hats of to Chef Gerardo Perez!  What a delicious meal that the three of us completely enjoyed and were stuffed to the gills!  Can't wait to go back!

The 3 Musketeers (more like 3 stuffed pigs, ok...2 stuffed pigs, Kerri didn't eat that much).  Happy hour menu try something new and delicious and won't cost you and arm and a leg!  And of course, don't forget the drinks!  Great deals!  $5 and $6 for check the menu!


Thank you Kerri and Noriko for sharing this delicious eating feast with me at FRAICHE!  I can't wait for the next happy hour here!


  1. As long as you don't end up eating more of them coz they're smaller! polo paul and shark pas cher


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