Korean BBQ & Pizza Collide @ Pizza & Chicken Love Letter

Even the signage makes you want to read it as Love Letter Pizza & Chicken...and of course my dyslexia is kicking in hard and i'm saying everything backwards!  hahaha

So you can see their weekday specials.  It's great!  I saw a whole family of like 4 or 5 come in and eat and they got the combo!  It was perfect and economical.  Hey man...times are tough!  Believe me...I know.  Anywhere I can find a good deal.  Sometimes it's hard to find great food for cheap, so you have to settle a little.
My favorite....coke!

The bulgogi pizza.  I will say I wished it had more bulgogi on it and if I'd paid better attention I would've said no peppers extra meat. Because I didn't get a strong taste of the bulgogi which I would've liked.  Oh well.  It was ok...(cause I hate green peppers!) the dough is kind of soft...this isn't what I would call the most incredible pizza in the world, but it was fun to try.  I should try the ever popular sweet gold potato pizza and maybe the spicy chicken and cheese dish.  I guess I figured, it was like a "value meal" they might not put as much, but who knows.  I'll try it again one more time and see if they can give me more meat.

The chicken wings were quite tasty and I was definitely lickin' my fingers.  

Check out the video...

So if you're looking for something fun, unique, trying to stop the munchies or you've got kids who want something different...check it out.  They have a bunch of other locations as well:

Garden Grove
Rowland Heights

and in other parts of the country!

Annandale VA
Centreville VA
Fairfax VA
New York NY
Suwanee GA
Johns Creek GA
Chicago IL

WOW!  Pretty cool!

This is a chain from Korea, I asked and they said yes.  

All the restaurant info can be found in the article from the link.

And a huge mahalo to Chef Jay Terauchi for joining me and helping me film this segment!


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