Sweet Taste of Seoul: Eat Cake Cafe in Rowland Heights



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So, I know that there is always quite a bit of lag time between my posts, but there is a very good reason.  Life is crazy and busy, but truly, I'm not always inspired by the food where it makes me feel compelled to talk about it.  Doesn't that ever happen to any of you?  Especially you artists out there...when you lace inspiration, it's hard to be motivated.

WELL!  Let me just say, I have finally found something that has lit a candle beneath my ass and I feel very passionate about this and that's why I'm writing.  Even while I was driving, I was thinking about what I wanted to say and couldn't wait to get home to type.

 As many of you know, I'm pretty picky about what I eat and what I try and share with you guys.  Anyhow...I'm pretty hard core eating my carb items...I love gluten, I love what it does and how it affects my bread and when something says, gluten free...for some reason, it makes me think, "oh crap!  It's going to taste like crap!"  Many of you may think the same thing. It's like when someone says it's healthy for you, I immediately think...it's gotta taste like s*&#!  

That cake above is the green tea chiffon cake...100% rice floor, 100% gluten free and I am 100% in LOVE with this cake.  The spongy, tender cake is so awesome and is perfectly paired with light whip cream frosting. It has a slight citrus flavor, whatever it is...I'm sold over and over again!  I can't tell you enough how much I love this cake.  I normally wouldn't even pick green tea...but this cake is the damn bomb!  I will have to try to the other chiffon cakes too.

You can see the cake and how it looks so light and airy.  It doesn't have a super strong green tea flavor...for me...it's perfection.  Truly. I want this cake for my birthday.

Now, the mango mousse cake has incredible flavor which I love, but the cake texture is not like the chiffon and this is where I might be missing what gluten does for cake.  It's still moist, but has a bit more of a crumbly texture which I'm not used to, BUT the flavor is outstanding.

I think it's amazing what they've done with rice flour...and I'm super excited about this bakery.  I also LOVED the custard bun and triangle toast!

Soft bread, silky vanilla custard...yum!  

Milk bread covered in a sweet, buttery coating...and as Michael Lee said...decadent.  Toast it up and drink it with coffee or some black tea.  Delicious.

I just love the lighting...it's called an Ooni light. 

Thank you Michael and Tricia for your hospitality and the thoughtfulness you both put into Eat Cake Cafe.  I love it. 

Last thing...I think it's incredible that they just opened up and they are already giving back to different charitable organizations.  I love that!  People helping others in need...Tricia and Michael are truly kind and giving people.  Go to their webpage and click on giving to find out more info. 

Thank you Chef Jay Terauchi for the introduction and helping me film!! I couldn't have done it with out!


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