101 Noodle Express: It's all about the beef roll

 Article #2 is up!  This really is for all you people who have never heard of 101 Noodle Express!  Especially many of you who don't live near Alhambra.  My dear friends, many of you who live on the West side, or in O.C., you know who you are, or the IE.  This bit is for you!

A couple of you, Eric and Urmr, got a chance to experience 101 with me for the first time.  These beef rolls are the bomb!  Seriously.  Some places over do it on the sauce and it's just too sweet and kind of cloying on the tongue.  Here...it's there, but not over powering.  It's awesome.  And the pancake is just perfect! I've had some super doughy rolls, and there is just to much pancake to the meat ratio.  Alison and A. Norna...know exactly what I'm talking about.  We had a bit of a beef roll fest and this one is just superior.


So check it out yourselves!!

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101 Noodle Express: It's all about the beef roll


  1. It looks perfect. I love the idea of rolling the beef. I wish I could also make the same dish. Well, I am going to try one of these days.

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  2. This looks amazing but i prefer more meat on mine and less green stuff. wine australia


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