Los Dos Molinos in South Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix South
Los Dos Molinos
8684 S. Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85042-7605

Read the sign!  Make sure you know the hours so you don't go when it's closed.

So sad that it's closed Sunday and Monday!  I've tried to go before on a Monday and I didn't know the hours...now I do!

If you go through the patio you can see this door. 

Alright...let's get straight to the video then you can see more pics of the food up close and personal!

I know!  I couldn't stop making little notations after I was done eating...I just feel like it's so important to talk about the specific things that make the food good.  When I mentioned that they didn't need salt or pepper, because the food is so well seasoned, some people may feel it's bordering on salty...but with the sour cream it really just balanced it all out.

My favorite!!  A super icy cold Coke!!  I can not NOT drink a cold Coke when I'm having Mexican food, or burgers, or anything fried, or pizza and ...DAMN IT!  I just love drinking Coke!!  I try to drink it in moderation though.  

Gotta get the Cheese Crisp with everything on it!  I saw some other customers who ordered it with everything on it!  Oh man!!  It looked so good!  And don't forget to order that side of home made sour cream...or if not completely home made, but doctored up sour cream.  Tasty!

The pork adovada was so insanely tender!  Make sure you get this burrito enchilada style and of course, use that sour cream!

I enjoyed this restaurant and the food...I want to go back.  If you're out in South Phoenix...so check out.  It's a quirky little place with fun decor and it's just funky.  I liked it.


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