Ichiza:Japanese Izakaya in Vegas

4355 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Neighborhood: Chinatown

(702) 367-3151
Call ahead for reservations
Mon-Sat 3 pm - 4 am 
Sun 3 pm - 3 am

I have been meaning to come here for a few years, but never seemed to find the time to come check it out.  Recently my friend Dave came out to Vegas and he made reservations (thank God) and I finally got to eat there!!  The restaurant isn't super big so it gets crazy packed.  So please make sure you make reservations so you don't have to wait.  

There is a menu they give you when you first sit down, but make sure you look around at all the menu items on the walls.  That's where tons of items you won't find on the menu itself!  There were items all over the entire restaurant, and I wanted to make sure that I saw EVERY SINGLE item they offered, so without any shame, I got up and walked around the whole restaurant, peering over eating patrons trying to read each faded sign.   

Pickled veggies to start, the chewy greenish, white stuff was aged daikon which was so good!  What a great starter...and it was Fah-ree!!!!  

Spicy fried (kaarage) chicken...

This was nice and spicy, the chicken wasn't super crispy, but what I did enjoy about it was the raw onions which paired really well with the spicy chicken.  I think that is what actually made the dish for me.

Jalapeno fried rice...

This is one of those items that's on the wall...if you don't see it...no matter!  Just order it I tell you!!  I loved this dish!  So simple, so good, so perfect.  

Chicken gizzards with garlic chives (I can't remember what they called it). 

Gizzards are not my favorite thing, but the flavor was good, and I liked the garlic chives.  

Kakuni - stewed pork belly...

If I could have just this and the jalapeno rice drizzled with this sauce it would be in heaven.  Great flavor, tender chunks of fatty pork belly...need I say more?  This is another "MUST GET" item. 

Hmmm...I'm trying to remember what type of fish this was...

Nope, still can't remember, but it's like a napoleon with one layer with rice, there's also salsa on top of the rice.  This was really light, flavorful and loved the crispy wonton chip.  Now, I know I have a big mouth that can take large bites of food, but this tall structure would've just been too uncomfortable to try and shove in my mouth so I just deconstructed it and ate it in two pieces.

This is one of Dave's favorite things, I think it was chicken and shiso leaves.  It was really good!!  

This was interesting...eggplant, tomato and mozzerella...

I know...seems like a bit of a strange combination to be found in a Japanese restaurant...but it sounded good...so we got it.  It was pretty good, but lacked too much flavor.  Hitting it with some salt really helped bring out some flavor.  I don't know if I'd get it again.

Salmon belly...

Some of you already know, I'm not big on cooked salmon...ok...truth be told...I normally hate the way it tastes and smells.  BUT this fatty piece of salmon belly was not bad at all and I actually enjoyed it!  It doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to enjoy eating cooked salmon...but it certainly is a start!

There are many other dishes that I would love to try next time I go back, but overall, I really enjoyed it and do want to go back!!  
If you're in Vegas and looking for some tasty izakaya style cooking...go check out Ichiza and again, don't forget to make reservations and read all the items on the wall before you order!


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