Capital Grille Happy Hour in Beverly Hills with Anita Lau aka Mad Hungry Woman

The Capital Grille
8614 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 358-0650 

I had the distinct pleasure of FINALLY meeting Ms. Anita Lau, the ULTIMATE Yelper at her Capital Grille Happy Hour event.  Anita is quite famous for her blog,  Follow her on all of her amazing eating adventures!  If you Yelp and want to know about a restaurant...especially in Orange County, it's pretty safe to say, Anita's already eaten there and given it a review!  I had a blast meeting her and her fellow Yelpers/Foodies who are always ready to snap off a shot of dish or drink and post a review. 

It's always fun meeting people who have a serious obsession with food like myself...what was more hilarious was that they had a table of the food all ready for us crazy bloggers to take pictures so that later on, we could just enjoy the food without having to take a million pictures!  So smart! 
If you are in L.A. and looking for a fun spot for Happy Hour, you should check out the HH at The Capital Grille in Beverly Hills on the bottom floor of the Beverly Center.  Besides the food and drinks you can get...there's Valet Parking specifically for their restaurant!  You can't beat that!  Scroll down and see what you can get and enjoy!  Make sure you sign up for special deals/offers they send out for people who sign up!

Check out the goodies and for just $6!  

 Lobster Salad Sandwiches...

Shrimp Cocktail...

These shrimp were massive!!!  So good...just a nice simple shrimp cocktail.

Mini Tenderloin Sandwich...

The meat was very only wish would be to have more sauce or mayo to give it a bit more moistness. 

Miniature Fresh Mozzarella, Crisp Prosciutto, and Basil Sandwiches...

This was my absolute favorite item of the evening!!  It had so much flavor and who doesn't love cheese, prosciutto and basil?!  I could eat a bunch of these delicious little babies!

Homemade Chips...

Mini Signature Cheeseburgers...

This little burgers were so cute...I am a total mayo freak...that's all I probably would've needed along with the other condiments and it would've been just fine for me!  

Parmesan Truffle Fries...

Wouldn't I kill for some fresh shavings of black truffle to go with it too!  haha

It's not a happy hour with yummy drinks!

 Grapefruit Buck...

 Absolut Ruby Red with a splash of Elderflower Cordial, ginger beer and fresh squeezed lim juice topped with Campari and garnished with a fresh ruby red grapefruit wedge.  For all you grapefruit lovers!  This one is so NOT for me...I hate grapefruit because it's too bitter to be...and yes...even Ruby Red grapefruit is still bitter to me.

The Bohemian...

 Absolut Peach with a splash of Mixed Berry Cordial topped with chilled Champagne and garnished with fresh raspberries.  These could be dangerous because they are so tasty!

Mojita De Uvas...

Bacardi Light Rum, fresh squeezed lime juice, cane sugar syrup, fresh mint and green grapes, topped with chilled Champagne.  Garnished fresh mint.

This was definitely a crowd favorite!

Thank you so much Anita for the invite to join you for this delicious happy hour!!  Looking forward to sharing another meal with you! 


  1. Now that is right up my alley! I hope the South Coast location has the same happy hour as I'd love to go and just get two orders of the lobster salad. How have we not already tried this place ourselves?!

  2. Hi Barry! Did you go check out the South Coast location yet?! It's a great happy hour!


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