Ravi's India Cuisine in the I.E.! Colton to be exact!

Ravi's India Cuisine
1091 S. Mount Vernon Ave Ste G
Colton, CA 92324
 There was a change in the hours...they now close between 3pm and 5pm.  Hey...they need a little break in between service.  So make sure you don't come during those times.

Ok, let me just preface this post by saying, I have very little experience with Indian food.  I can probably count all the times I've had it on one hand...and still have fingers left over.  I've always wanted to try it more often, but honestly didn't go because I wouldn't know exactly what to get.  This is the issue that I have mentioned before or talked to people about. I think that too often, many of us don't eat other cuisines that we are completely unfamiliar with and don't know or understand the flavors and names.  And I really do want to try it, but want someone who IS knowledgeable about the cuisine to take me and teach me.  Plus it's more fun to eat with friends...right?  

Anyhow...my God sister Karen and her family and our friends the Loh's LOVE this place and so we tried going the day before, but it was closed, but then the following day, after my Read Across America reading at the LLU Children's Hospital we went for lunch before I drove back to Vegas.  They have a great lunch special...and SO cheap!  We got a few extras to go with our lunch...which was perfect.  More than perfect actually!  So, back to my preface...I'm not going to pretend that I am an expert on Indian food and can't say whether it's the best Indian food or not, but what I will base it on is whether it tasted good to me and what I enjoyed eating because I trust my palette.

Beef samosas...Lord knows I love deep fried (almost) anything! This is served with a spicy jalapeno sauce and a sweeter tamarind sauce.  I've never had this before, so I have nothing to compare it to...but I thought it was really delicious.  I really enjoyed the heat of the jalapeno sauce combined with the sweet tamarind.  I'd get this again.

My beef curry special...it comes with (from left to right):  

Bengan Bartha (fresh baked eggplant cooked in Indian spices and tomatoes, but this had potatoes too) - Loved this! 

Lentil soup - not my favorite, salad - dressing was creamy and tasty 

Potato Pakoda (All pakodas coated with special batter and deep fried) - damn tasty! 

Nan (Popular Tandoori leavened baked bread) - which I've had enough times to know that I love nan!

Rice - because I'm a carb girl and nan and rice are perfect for my meal to eat with the curry.  

Duh!!  The beef curry in the middle.  The taste was good, but the meat was a bit tough...I think I'd get chicken next time (I tried Audrey's and her chicken was really tender).  

This whole thing was really filling.  I know for a larger person, like my friend Greg K, who is over 6 ft, feels like it's just not enough food for him...which I can totally understand.  He prefers the Indian buffet restaurants, and he told me the name of the place he likes, but I can't remember it right now.

Raita - (Fresh homemade yogurt with spices and fresh vegetables).  I know many of you probably are more familiar with Indian food, but for those of you who aren't, I'm just giving little definitions of the food. I've had raita before and love it...its coolness is perfect with the spicy curries and kills a little heat in your mouth.  I don't know what the right way of eating it is, but I put it on whatever I want and just dip it with whatever I think tastes good together.  haha

Garlic nan...I think that many of you do know what nan is...and who doesn't love bread with garlic?!  I don't think I really need to elaborate more.

Ok...again...you know my love for deep fried goodness...and I also know many of you out there share my sentiments and love for all things deep fried.  So we had to try the Pooris (deep fried Indian bread).  It comes out as these giant puffs of thin bread, and then you break into and it's this super thin bread...it's quite tasty and was great dipping and eating it with everything.  You can taste the oil from frying.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and would love to go back.  In fact...I think it's on my schedule this weekend!  One of the dishes that Karen was telling me the Loh's love is the Vindaloo...not sure which protein they choose, but I feel the desire and need to try this Vindaloo that the Loh's just can't seem to get enough of.

So...after I have it...I will let you know how I like it!  
I know that I want to continue eating and learning more about Indian food!!  I love the flavors and smells of the spices that is used.  One thing is for certain, I AM going to learn to make nan!  

 Note: the descriptions of the food I used were taken directly from the menu.


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