Sweets Treats from Jean Philippe @ Aria in Vegas

Jean Philippe Patisserie
@ The Aria 
3730 Las Vegas Blvd, South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Open:  Mon-Sun 6am-12am

I'm going to keep this short, sweet and to the point (or at least I'll try to). The desserts are beautifully made and my absolute favorite one of the four desserts we sampled was...
That exquisite green looking tart on the right in this picture above.  You read it...key lime tart!  The worst thing about this dessert was that I was forced to share this with two other people!  That was heartbreaking!  The bits of lime in sweet, sticky meringue was so refreshing.  Tiny brunoise (mini dice) of candied mango in the key lime curd and the sweet crust...oh my!!  The top green layer was white chocolate...and all of it was a delicious symphony in my mouth.  

We loved this dessert so much, my friend Serena bought each of us one more for our dessert after dinner.  At first we said we would just walk around and do some window shopping and come back to pick it up, but the lines there were long and we thought, we better check to see how many key lime tarts were left, and there were like four!  So Serena got in line immediately to buy them and have them hold it for us!  Smart girl!  Love you Serena and thank you for doing that!!

You can check out all the gorgeous desserts that just make you want to reach through the glass and stuff your face with all that heavenly yumminess!!  I can't wait to go back and try more! 

My fave key lime tart...and the Tutti Frutti - lemon/lime mousse, strawberry jelly, speculous sable.

The Tutti Frutti was ok, we were hoping for more punch in flavor.  But it's so unfair when compared to the Key Lime Tart.

The Caramel Lollipop...
 I believe there was caramel and peanut butter inside the lollipop.  Fun but a little hard to eat.  Love the look though.

Chocolate eclair...

I'm not normally an eclair person, it was very decadent and chocolatey.

We also picked up some restaurants, the Trio (tuna, brie and cucumber, I can't remember the third one right now...oh!  ham and cheese) and a proscuitto, mozzarella and pesto panini.

The trio was alright...but not something I'd run back for...BUT the panini was frickin' fantastic!!!  The bread was hot and crisp, the hot melted cheese and warm proscuitto mixed with the herbacious pesto was delectable and I can't wait to get it again!!

A little Chinese New Year decoration.

If you're ever in Vegas and have a bit of a sweet tooth that needs a fix...go down to the Aria (or Bellagio, since they have a location there as well) and stop by for some wonderful treats.  They also make crepes to order and have gelato.  Other sandwiches and salads are also available along with lots of great looking pastries.  I think I'll have to try one of the large flaky looking buttery croissants!

And if you forgot what my favorite dessert was...it's the KEY LIME TART!  Go get it! =)


  1. o.m.gawwww.. We love Payard (for the lunch prix fixe and the eye candy), but this looks ridiculous. It's like Bottega Louie taken up 10 notches.

  2. lol I love Payard's too...but this really IS ridiculous!


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