Yes, I did in fact go back like I said I would.  I went around 5 pm, right after they stoked the coals.  Good time or bad time.  Well, we were told by the hostess that it was a great time.  So we sat...we ordered.  Two salads, a cheese pie and a calzone stuffed with sausage and pepperoni.  

I'm having technical difficulties with the pictures...but I just wanted to say.  The pie was DEEEEEELICIOUS!  It was hot, crisp and gooey cheesy goodness!  Nothing like the last time!  They have completely redeemed themselves.  

The Mediterranean salad was pretty tasty too...ask for more dressing on the side and give it a good ol' sprinkling of salt and pepper.  The red wine vinaigrette was tangy and herbacious!  It was SO tangy I started choking on it and I couldn't breath and started tearing.  Has that ever happened to any of you and you can't stop coughing?  OMG...I hate that!  I feel like all my eyeliner and mascara is running down my face.  lol 

Going back to that whole coal stoking bit.  The hostess said that the coals are hotter right after they stoke it so that's when it makes the best pizza.  I of course had to ask our waiter, Dave about this whole coal stoking business and see if it really makes a better pizza.  He said no, not really.  But because it is just stoked, it is super hot and sometimes can dry out the dough and make it like a cracker.  Our dough was in fact a bit drier, but compared to the last time...I'll take drier dough over wet, soggy dough.  Overall though, we were super happy with our pie and the calzone with the sausage and pepperoni was really good.  Lots of great seasonings in the sausage, tons of ricotta and melted mozzarella and Grimaldi's famous marinara to dip it in.  Dave our waiter also told me to eat my cheese pizza with some Caesar salad on top.  (again, a bit more dressing and seasonings to punch up the flavor).  

I felt so much happier and so did Annie.  Grimaldi's has been vindicated and we have found a new pizza joint!  Perhaps we will go a couple of hours after they stoke...but beware pizza freaks...this joint gets packed.  

Thank you Grimaldi's for reinstating my faith in you and your coal oven pizzas! 


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