Has anyone ever cracked your crab @ The Boiling Crab?

People have been telling me about The Boiling Crab, some people have been raving about it, so my friends Zach, Richard and Alexia met up with me to try this very popular joint. 

 I just love how the video always pauses me with some weird look on my face.  haha
 EEEKKK!  I still don't like those eyeballs staring at me!  It always creeps me out.  Did you know that I never touched a piece of shrimp until I went to culinary school?  That's right!  Because of our religion, I never ate shrimp, crab, lobster or any other shellfish because it was considered "unclean".  Just a little fact I thought I'd share with you.  Like you really wanted to know that!  haha 

Alright, so this is just a serious garlic fest in your mouth.  Even though we tried all the individual flavors along with the Whole Shabang (the combo of all three) it all pretty much blended together.  As I was eating, I did wish it had more flavors from the seasonings versus just tasting garlic. Yes, even a touch more salt would've just brought the flavors out a bit more for me.
As much fun as this place is with the relaxed atmosphere, writing on the walls and tables covered in plastic bags and shells from crawfish, shrimp, crab, etc, I want to talk about the food.  Alexia and I had gotten some shrimp that was a little on the mushy side...but lucky Richard didn't.  As you already saw on the clip, we got the medium spice level, but I could have gone up a notch and just went with the XXX spicy seasoning.  It just wasn't very spicy to me...at all, but I know that I was spicy for the boys.  And no, that XXX seasoning on our fries didn't even scorch my tongue...perhaps I was getting less seasoned ones?!  I don't know...but I tried to grab the ones that looked like they were well seasoned. 
The calamari was ok...even though it looks like it's going to be super crispy, the cornmeal coating was a little "soft"...and the G sauce that comes with it was ok...I wasn't crazy about it (sorry, no picture of the sauce...my add was kicking in with all the bags of food on the table).  I would've preferred a plain cocktail sauce over that.  It was a red sauce with a ton of black pepper, kind of tangy, but I'm not even quite sure what was in it.  Sorry guys...but I just wasn't a big fan of it.
Just so you know, all the shrimp pictures I'm posting are all different flavors.    But they all look the same and they are all red...perhaps it's because of the heat level, thus making it all red.  I wonder if the color would be different if we got the lemon pepper in a non-spicy form.

There is a ton of butter in each bag...at least that's what they said it was when I asked...butter and seasonings.  So, eater beware...especially if you have high cholesterol!  It's a freakin' butter fest!  I don't know what it was...but my tummy was a little, well...I can't lie, a lot upset later on.  Hmmm...I wonder what it was that made it upset?!  I eat so much butter I can't imagine it being the butter!!

Overall, if you're looking for a fun place to eat with a group of friends, get down and dirty with your food and walk around with a plastic bib around your neck...check out The Boiling Crab.  

There are multiple locations...you can go to the website to find one closest to you. 


By the way...I'm not going to post Zach's info...but if you're serious about getting a date with him...contact me!  


  1. do you know what they put in their seasoning? if you do, please let me know!


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