Dessert @ Cream Pan in Tustin

Cream Pan
602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780


Tue-Sun 7 am - 4 pm 

My God sister told me that her hubby Chris LOOOOOOOVES these strawberry croissants, so we decided to center our visit around this flaky, creamy, fruit filled creation.  We actually had lunch first at the Japonaise Bakery & Cafe (which is a part of the bakery).

These are the large ones...

 The minis come in a 6-pack and have only two slices of strawberries in it.

As I said in the video...I would've loved more cream and berry slices...but it was still yummy!  I was thinking what would be even more awesome is if the croissant wasn't cold and they were able to fill them to order and put the cold cream and slices in, but I know that there is no way to do that with THE most popular item in the bakery. 

Banana croissant...

Karen, Chris and Audrey thought this was awesome.  Not as awesome as the strawberry croissant but still 2nd in line to the rest of the desserts so far.  The bananas were perfectly ripe, there was plenty of them and the cream so they loved the flavor.

The rest of the pastries we had were ok.  What made me really sad was the cake donut, which both Karen and I were super excited to try.  Unfortunately it tasted kind of like tempura!  Think that's weird?  Well...not so strange since they share a kitchen with the Japonaise Bakery & perhaps they share the same oil.  I hope that this isn't the case...but I don't think our taste buds were off.  

Thank you Karen for suggesting and introducing Cream Pan and the delicious strawberry croissants to me! 

Thank you Chris for loving these so much!  I don't typically drink coffee, but that iced coffee was so good!  When I do drink coffee though, I put lots of cream and sugar to make it sweet and creamy.  I would drink a whole cup of this!

This was such a great Sunday spending it with family...and eating!  (It didn't stop here...more food to come!)


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