it's been a long time....

Where the hell have I been?!  Why does time fly by so quickly?!  I have no idea...but I hope you are all doing well. 

I feel bad for not writing in such a long time...but I'm back and working on a few posts for you guys! 

There are times when things I eat really just don't move me enough to write about it, and I think that what I really like to share are things that are really worth serving or if it's a point of view that I believe is worth talking about.

My taste buds were moved at a special dinner at Eva's Restaurant a few weeks back (i'm working on the post) and most recently, my dinner tonight at Raku (also in the works).

I just wanted you all to know that I'm sorry that I haven't written anything for the past month, but now that I have had the chance try some amazing food...I'm ready to share this with you all so that you can experience it for yourself.

Hope you all have been well and I am excited to get back into eating and posting my thoughts!



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