Queee Sushi Station & Portuguese Cuisine in Chinatown

Queee Sushi Station & Portuguese Station
643 N Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Neighborhood:  Chinatown

(213) 221-7870

Parking - Private lot to the left of the restaurant!! How much more convenient can it get?!  There is also metered street parking available.
Hours:  Tues-Sun:  11:30am-4pm
Closed Mondays
They were opening on Saturday nights, but call and double check.
They are also available for private parties at nights, so call and make
a reservation if you want to have your own sushi party!!

It's pronounced like the word Que (or K), not Q...which was what I kept saying.

Yes, Sushi and Portuguese food!  All under one roof!

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting, talking to and emceeing for Chef Paulo Soares at the Chinatown Summer Nights on Saturday, August 28th.  Prior to the event, I went down to his restaurant to just talk to him and get to know him a little better so that I could share as much information about him to the audience. 

Here's a snap shot of him working on a platter.  He was telling me the importance of the pH balance of the rice...and how vinegar plays an important role in that.  By keeping the pH down, you avoid bacteria growing. 

Chef Paulo was so busy, we actually didn't get to talk as much, but because I had an opportunity to read his bio online, I learned so much about his experience.  He grew up in Portugal and basically was always in restaurants and kitchens because of his grandparents.

When he moved to New York and was cooking in restaurants, he used to hang out with his friends who worked in other restaurants, Japanese ones in particular and that's where his love for Japanese cuisine started.  Just like the cuisine of Portugal, using fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients really attracted Paulo, well, also the fact that he said he was tired of cooking in HOT KITCHENS...so sushi was the perfect choice to transition to in his cooking career.

He attended the California Sushi Academy and has worked for Nobu Matsuhisa and other cool sushi joints. 

You can read all about him on his website, so let's get to the beautiful food.

Seared albacore with ponzu and topped with some crispy wonton strips.
So fresh, just the perfect amount of sauce and loved the crunch.

Seafood Caldeirada - tomato based with white wine filled with mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, onions and bell peppers.  Chef Paulo cooks this dish in an authentic Caldeirada pot from Portugal.  This is served with white rice. 

Ooohhhhhh...seared tuna...with just a perfect little dab of fresh yuzu straight from japan.  Loved the green onions and the crispy baby asparagus and quartered cherry tomatoes.  So lovely and so fresh.

One of the dishes I didn't get a chance to try when I was there was the Piri Piri chicken...which Chef Paulo makes for a salad and in a roll!  Which even this little 4 year old boy named Elijah just loved (the piri piri roll)!!  I don't know if many of you know...but piri piri is a very hot pepper, and is made into a wonderful marinade, mixed with fresh herbs and olive oil...and he allows the chicken to just sit in the marinade for a few days so the flavor is totally incorporated into the chicken!  hmmm...my mouth is watering just thinking about it! 

I cannot wait to go back to Queee Sushi...I want to try more dishes and see Chef Paulo in action.  You can tell how much he loves what he does and he is just the sweetest man, you can see his attention to the highest quality of ingredients and to the small details in presentation.
Queee Sushi is now a new reason for me to head into Chinatown and I am looking forward to having lunch with my new friends Jean and May from the Chinatown Business Improvement District and just enjoy some of the freshest, most delicious sushi in town.  For those of you who work downtown...this is definitely a lunch must!!  Go check it out and tell Chef Paulo Doreen says Hi! 


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