Easy Peasy Pizza - Thank you Trader Joe's!

I have been craving pizza like crazy lately...so I was close to a Trader Joe's and decided to pick up some of their pre-made pizza dough, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella and sauce.  

This is such a great way to make something super quick for yourself or to get your kids involved in making something most everyone loves to eat...PIZZA!  Not everyone has the time to make their own dough, so just pick up a bag from TJ's for like $1.29 or something like that.  This one piece of dough is supposed to make a 12" pizza.  Pick your favorite toppings and sauces...and start making your pizzas!!

I cut off a section of the dough, allowed it to rest for the suggested 20 minutes and stretched out enough for an individual pizza.

I was too lazy to take everything out of my ovens so i put it on foil and put it in my toaster oven.  It was fine, but I really wanted to make it thin and crispy, but of course without a pizza stone, I couldn't really achieve that...so next time, I won't be lazy and I'll take everything out of my oven so I can put it in the regular oven.

So, how did I actually achieve that golden, crispy crust?!  =)

Well, I got a big saute pan, added some butter, allowed it to melt and then just "fried" it in the butter.  NOT A TON OF BUTTER!  Just a little to give me some crisp.  I topped it off with extra basil and crushed red pepper.  

In the future, I'd probably season the dough a bit more...perhaps brush it wish some garlic oil or garlic butter, a touch of salt and *muah* perfection.

This is such a fun and easy lunch or dinner you can make for your family or friends, OR you can have a pizza party and get a ton of great toppings and everyone can make their own personal pizza!!  Super fun for everyone...especially the KIDS!!!  Anna and I have taught childrens cooking classes where they made their own dough, but this is so convenient.  

If you have a favorite pizza joint, you can ask them if they are willing to sell you dough.  Just another suggestion on where to get your dough from.

And you all know how much I love coca-cola...

I cracked this little can open and poured it over a tall glass of ice.  That first fizzy super carbonated sip was so damn good!!  This little 90 calorie coke was the perfect size for my individual sized pizza!!

So stop by Trader Joe's or your favorite pizza joint for some pizza dough and make your own pizzas!  

Viva Italia! 


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