Excellent Ropa Vieja @ Habana in Costa Mesa

2930 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5934
(714) 556-0176

I've just been eliminated...and my close friends and I go grab some dinner after doing a photo shoot.  The night was so beautiful so we decided to have dinner on the patio.  

I shot this in two parts, so keep watching!

Oh!  warning!  I said the F word twice in here...so either cover your ears or say bleep yourself. 

My favorite dish of the night was Kevin's beef dish...here's the description on the menu so you won't forget it!  It's seriously killing me right to see this and to write about it because I am starving!!  I wish a could reach into that video and take the plate and have some.

Ropa Vieja/OldClothes (WITH MADUROS). $13.50
Shredded beef cooked in a Cuban spiced tomato base sauce. A Cuban classic!

This was so tender and flavorful, the flavors itself were seem simple, but done so well.  If you've never had Cuban food and you might be afraid to eat something new that you think might have some overwhelming new flavors, this would be the perfect dish to get.  Like I said, had great simple flavors, nothing unfamiliar...it was so awesome!  I swear, I wanted to reach over and just rip the plate out of Kevin's hands...it was that good.  My polenta was fine, it was pretty heavy though and the red peppers really did give my tummy some grief.  But overall, it had really nice flavor.  I'd probably pick either of the chickens for second place.  I'd like to go back and really just go through the whole menu and ask for their recommendation.  

It was really a terrific day and evening despite my being eliminated!  I was surrounded by great friends and so much love!  And all the texts and calls of support were fabulous!  I had a terrific day! 

Just so you guys know, I really miss writing my posts more often...things have been pretty much non-stop, but things are moving along really well. 

I am going to keep on making video posts for you guys and I hope you are all enjoying them.  I was told my a friend of mine that I should keep some of my colorful language that I so love to say in my videos.  So, I'm just warning all of you now...you will hear some of my favorite words!  

Please continue to vote for me for fan favorite!  I know it's a lot to ask of each of you, but if you can recruit other friends and family to do it everyday, we can still keep me up there!  I know...it may seem futile, but it can lead to my own web show!  


Here's the link to make it easier!  Thank you all so much for the constant support!!  

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Thank you all!!  I have more posts to come!
Until next time...Happy Eating!!


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