BEST Braised Pork Belly @ Shin Sen Gumi with Aaron Takahashi

Shin Sen Gumi
18517 S Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 715-1588
For some odd reason, I couldn't download this episode as a whole, so I had to break it up into two parts.
Part 1

There's a little keep watching!
Part 2

I had a great time eating with Aaron, as usual...and I didn't even get to show off everything we ate, but I definitely put the highlights in there!  One thing we had, that we didn't catch on film, was the liver.  OMG...chicken liver is not my friend.  I know that many people might enjoy it, but, it was not my favorite thing...though we were told that it is extremely popular with the patrons.  So if YOU love chicken liver, you might love it.  For me...I couldn't scrape the taste off my tongue fast enough. 

My favorite items of the night are the buta no kakuni (braised pork belly) TO DIE FOR!!  Holy Moley!!!  AMAZING!  If you didn't see the video, you have to see how beautiful it looks.  Everytime I see the clip, i just want to reach out and grab it and shove it in my mouth.  It seriously makes me salivate and yearn to go back and eat it with a hot bowl of sticky rice.  The karaage had terrific flavor and was just marinated so well. 

The service was awesome, all of the staff was extremely friendly and helpful when we had any questions.  I really appreciated that!  

Anyhow, I really enjoyed eating here and can't wait to go back and eat that freakin' pork belly!!  If you've never been, or have but never got the HAVE to try it! 

Thanks for watching and reading!! 

Happy eating!!

Special Thanks and Credits to:

Camera Man:  Big John Takenaka

Editing:  Lushun Quon


  1. LOL! I knew you were going to say "I love ketchup" as soon as the words were out of his mouth...

  2. Hey, D. I love ketchup too. Anyway... don't think we ever told you that Ravi and I tried this place and fell in love with it. We like small plates dining so this was perfect for our taste. Told the staff that we knew you and they were all like: yes, yes, yes. Will definitely go back. Thanks for the recommendation. Jo-An


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