AYCE BBQ @ Big Thunder Ranch in Disneyland

I also want to thank everyone for all the support and love you have all given to me during this whole amazing adventure on the Next Food Network Star!  I have a little message for all of you!!  xoxo

I'm going to just get to the video first then...i'll give you a short recap.

Overall, for the amount of food and the average price, (but for annual pass holders, check for discounts) it's a great value to a lot of food.  I'm not normally a big AYCE type of person, despite the fact that I did in fact have AYCE Korean BBQ at Shik Do Rak in Irvine.  Not bad....tons of food, and for $16, that's pretty decent!   All the dok bo sam, great sides....oh, I digress.

Back to the bbq.  I will say, the ribs were tender, but not super moist, I think it would've been nice to have more sauce to dip it in.  They didn't offer any extra bbq and I didn't ask.  I think if I were ever to to this again, I'd like to ask and see if there is extra sauce.  The chicken could have used a heavier hand in the seasoning department, but it was perfectly cooked. 

Let me say, we all know that so many restaurants really f-up chicken...they cook it to death till you can't squeeze even a tear dropper worth of juice out of the chicken carcass.  This place really got the chicken temp and cooking time down pat!  I mean, they were just so moist inside!  I freaking can't stand dry chicken!  You all know what kind of chicken i'm talking about too!  The one that you can pick up and throw across the room and play frisbee golf!  It's ridiculous!  My advice...learn to cook chicken properly!  And I didn't even need to say that here.  I really enjoyed the bbq baked beans, they were nicely flavored, kind of sweet.  Corn bread, a little dry...I could've easily slathered one ball of butter on each half.   The slaw, was so so...it won't be winning any contestants anytime soon that's for sure, but since i do like to incorporate some type of veggies in my diet when i'm eating so much meat, it was nice to have that as an accompaniment.

This place is great for kids...there are cowboys and cowgirls singing, entertaining and talking to everyone.  It can get kind of loud, so if you are thinking you are going to have a nice, quiet, intimate AYCE bbq meal, you're in the wrong joint! Hell, I even started singing zippity do da when they were performing it!!  I also clap for the performers when they are done becaue so often no one acknowledges them after they finish a song.  How rude right?!  I just want them to know that someone is listening and that we care!

Anyhow...over all, the chicken and beans were my pretty good and my favorite items of the day.  Is the flavor out of the world amazing???  no...but i think they cooked it so well and for that, this place is worth the price especially if you can pound some food! 

Just to make a note about my favorite restaurant in Disneyland - it would be Catal in Downtown Disney.  The last time i was there, I had a FANTASTIC dinner there!  The new menu was awesome!

Ok, i must go to bed!  

Happy eating to you!!

(Note to self - stop writing posts while on lunesta!!  i'm completely awake now and have made some minor changes! haha)


  1. I LOVE the video, Doreen! Now I'm sooo hungry!

  2. @ jan - thanks girl!!! i could actually go for more of that chicken! i would probably bring some of my own bbq sauce to dip it in!!

  3. Damn girl, how are you still so slim?!?

  4. Oops, that's Heather C from Irvine, by the way :)

  5. Wow I never knew of that place. Going to have to try it out one day.

    We'll have to go to Catal sometime. That's my favorite place at Dland too =)

  6. (aka Susan H)
    Ribs, cornbread and a bowl of BUTTER - sounds good to me!

  7. How come you didn't used more Butter on your bread???? lol!!

  8. @ anonymous #1 - i know! i was just trying to hurry...but believe me, off camera i slathered the butter on!

    @ anonymous #2 - =) thanks!


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