MUST TRY HOT OUT OF THE OVEN - PappaRich in Pasadena

PappaRich - The Father of All Buns
100 W Green St
Pasadena, CA 91105

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Mon-Thu 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Fri 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Sat 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Sun 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

One of my hairstylists, michael, who is the owner of Union Salon right down the street on Delacey actually was the one who introduced PappaRich to me. 

While I was sitting in the chair, waiting for my hair color to process and starving my ass off, Michael came in with this brown box and for me, i hear crinkling paper and out comes this little brown bag....I could feel that the bag wasn't just warm, it was nice and HOT! 

Since I was already salivating I couldn't wait to rip that bag open and shove that whole thing in my mouth.  But I had some self control and just peered into the bag and saw this cute little beige bun that had a crust all the way around it. I put my nose into the bag and took a huge breath in...the aroma filling my nostrils. I immediately smelled a faint coffee smell. Michael was no where to be found for me to ask him any questions. I was going crazy because I wanted to see if I was right!!  While I was thinking about this cute little aromatic bun, I thought...I wonder if this is from an Asian bakery!

I remember breaking it open, and the flaky crust on the outside of the fragrant bun kind of flaked away in pieces.  I took a piece of that crispy crust and put in on my tongue, trying to savor it and figure out the flavors.  mind you, I don't drink coffee, typically, nor do I drink other coffee flavored beverages.  But I just knew some coffee aroma was in there and i was trying to figure out how the made this.  The hot crispy bun was kind of sweet on the outside, but the center was soft and tender and it was filled with butter.  OMG...melted butter in the center of this delicious, hot bun!  Seriously, i felt like this was a little bit of heaven in my mouth!!!  i was hooked!  i wish i lived closer to pasadena so i can have easier access to these little babies!! 

And before I forget...I was pretty close...the outside of the bun has a mocha paste and the buns are from Korea!  yeah bloodhound nose and discerning eye which has a good sense of products from other countries was pretty much right on!  woo hoo!!

These shots are taken of the second bun I from the store.  My only sadness was that the buns were not freshly baked and pulled out of the oven that moment, so it didn't have the same effect that it had on me the first time I ate.  That did kind of make know how I love it when things are consistent!  I want to eat the same thing and have it tastes the same everytime!!

I will go back again and next time I will ask them if they could please bake me a fresh batch.  I would buy a dozen!!  FINE!  i'll even share them with who ever wants to come join me for a hot, crunchy, soft butter PappaRich bun! 

Thank you Michael for sharing these precious little buns to me!  I do wish they served tea their instead of just coffee...but i'll make a super weak coffee with LOTS cream and sugar. 

If you guys go down, ask if they can make them fresh and hot!!!  Or at least heating it up a little more?  I'm not sure what they an do, but I will ask next time I go.

happy eating and enjoy those PappaRich buns! 


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