Mario's Peruvian Restaurant - La Mirada

Mario's Peruvian Restaurant
15720 Imperial Hwy
La Mirada, CA 90638-2509
(562) 902-8299‎

Los Angeles Location
5786 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 466-4181

so i was craving mario's peruvian food the other night, remembered that some friends had mentioned that there was another location in la mirada, so i thought i'd see if anyone would like to join me.  i put it out on my fan page to see if anyone was up for a little drive to la mirada and some peruvian food. 

i was so happy to hear that some friends had the day off and said they'd come join me, so we set it up and planned to meet.  my friend dave had his dog, hapa with him so we figured we'd just get take out because they don't have patio seating.  fortunately, the restaurant next door had some outdoor seating and there were no customers sitting outside so we were super lucky and got to sit and eat. 

this whole video and luncheon is a little different from my normal posts i've done in the past.  not only did i want to see how the food was and compared to the mario's in l.a., but i wanted to just introduce my friends to something new...whether it was the restaurant or a new cuisine that they've never had or thought to go try.

i will say this, i wish they had noodles like they do at the other mario's.  omg!  those noodles looked like giant udon noodles, stir fried with anything from beef, chicken or seafood!  i had a serious craving for that, but sadly they didn't serve it...but that's ok!  the food was still great!

i wanted to keep this video short and to the point,  and basically to hear my friends' thoughts on trying peruvian food and mario's of course.  plus, i didn't want to keep shoving a camera in their face as they're eating, you all know i don't mind stuffing my face while on camera, but i can't assume the same for everyone else.  so it's not as indepth, but i will make a few comments after the video is done.

i really enjoyed brian's dish, the jalea de mariscos.  i'm normally a huge tartar sauce fan!  i love mayo!  i love squeezing fresh lemon juice on crispy pieces of deep fried seafood and just dunking that sucker into the tartar sauce.  i have no shame in asking for more tartar sauce either!  i'm so hungry just thinking about it! wasn't as super crispy because we had it in "to go" containers so the steam softened it a bit, but it still had a ton of flavor.  there wasn't any lemon, but when you eat it with that vinegary red onion, tomato salsa it was perfect!!  it was refreshing and light and didn't feel greasy at all.

the ceviche mixto is always light and refreshing and the seafood is so fresh.  the octopus was tender and not super chewy...that was steph's favorite part of the mixto.  don't pass up the mixto! 

what i like about peruvian food is that the flavors are simple and straight forward.  whoever is cooking in the kitchen is not afraid to season the food and make it just taste good!  the chicken was nice and tender which is always a big worry for me when i'm eating chicken.  dry chicken sucks...we all know that.  i didn't try the lomo saltado, but it looked great and steph really enjoyed it.  i love meat with onions and tomatoes!  so good!!  my mom used to make tomato beef and i loved all the gravy she'd make with it which you could mix into the rice.  oh!  and you CANNOT forget to add the green onions in the end!  i could eat a big bowl of that right now!!  my sister robin makes awesome tomato beef too!!  yum!!!

back to earth...i'm so happy to know that i have a mario's close by me...a 1/2 hour drive is better than a 45 minute to 1 hour drive...and that's if the traffic isn't bad!  PLUS!  there's a parking lot and the restaurant looks quite large inside!  i do wish they had noodles as a choice instead of rice, but it won't stop me from going back! 

if you've never had peruvian or mario's, don't be afraid to check it out!  and if you're a peruvian newbie, try the ever popular lomo saltado is always a hit!  if you don't eat beef, have it with chicken or shrimp! 

i really loved how spontaneous this was and the fact that it was a great way for people to make new friends while sharing a meal together.  food is social, food is fun and i love that it has the ability to bring us all together!  so next time i put up a post on my fan page to go try a new place or an old favorite, let me know if you want to join me!


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