my dinner: spicy fried rice

location:  my home

growing up in a chinese household, we always had fried rice.  how much simpler can a meal get sometimes?  so easy and convenient.  you can put just about anything into fried rice...leftover meats, veggies, whatever!  but as a kid, one of my all time favorite ways my mom made it was with just eggs and green onions.  the rice was seasoned with salt and it was ready to go.  i had a serious obsession with ketchup, so of course, i always mixed ketchup in my fried rice and seasoned it with black pepper too. was so good.  it still is!  don't get grossed out about the ketchup!  think about omurice!  or eggs with rice!  same idea.

like i said, you can put just about anything in your fried rice and this is just one of the versions that i like to make.  i have been on this spicy food kick so like the noodles i made a week or so ago, i made this spicy too.  lots of people use lap chong (the chinese sausage) or you can use portuguese sausage, spam...whatever you feel like.  left over chicken!  anything!  i like to use kamaboko, onions, corn and lots of green onions!  my special chinese sauce, a bit of hoisin and chili pepper and sirracha.  my mouth was on fire while i was eating this...but it was so good.  i know its not super authentic chinese style fried rice, but i always like to put my own little twist on it. 

the key to great fried rice is making sure your rice was cooked at least the day before and refridgerated over night.  you want all the grains of rice to be completed separated so that if you should put a sauce in there it coats every single piece of rice.  i hate clumpy, mushy rice...especially in fried rice. 

i went to this restaurant awhile back and alison and i ordered the curry fried rice and as the waiter was walking towards us, i could see the giant clumps of rice and i was already thinking...oh aren't really going to serve that to us are you?  you could see that the curry just slightly dusted the huge globs of rice...sadly, it was as i anticipated, mushy and tasteless.  needless to say, i did talk to the manager about several dishes that had some issues, and it wasn't because i wanted to bash their food, but because it was a brand new restaurant and i wanted them to succeed. so we discussed some of the dishes that had some real issues and how it could be improved.  and of course of them being the fried rice.  i was're asian...every asian knows you can't use fresh rice to make fried just won't work!  its too moist and sticky.  he laughed and agreed...because he knew it was true!

he was incredibly receptive about the feedback we gave him and said he was going to work on it with their corporate kitchen in singapore.  hehehe  i had no idea he was from corporate, but he was very nice.  they have a cool concept and i want to be able to go back there to eat and enjoy the food.  i said i'd go back in a month and try those same dishes before i reviewed it on here.  i just want to see restaurants serve good food and do well.  its hard enough in these economic times to survive, and if you're new and your food is not that good, you'll be doomed!  they did have one dish in particular that was awesome, but that's one out of four.  anyhow...i just tried to give positive constructive feedback and he was super cool about it.

man, i went off on another tangent...anyhow, back to my fried rice.  i gave some to my dad to eat and he really liked it too and said it was really good!  which is always good news to me since he is a hard core chinese food lover.  this man could eat chinese food every single day of his life and never be sick of it!  i'm not the same all!  i'd die.  even though i LOVE LOVE LOVE eating all my favorite chinese foods and asian foods in general, i still need a good variety to keep me happy!  i like new palette would die of boredom and my tongue would probably fall off because it needed something new. 

anyhow...i just wanted to share my dinner of spicy fried rice with you guys!  and i'm still on this ice cream kick!  i had another scoop of rainbow sherbert from rite aid was so hot!  my car temp read 88 and i needed something cool.  plus it was right next to the bank!  and after i ate this spicy fried rice i needed something to cool off my tongue, so i had a few bites of my haagen daz "five" milk chocolate.  i broke down the other day at the market and bought three different pints of ice cream!!!  i couldn't help it!  they were calling to me...i seriously tried to resist buying any, and i was standing in line to pay for my groceries and the ice cream isle was so close to me, so i told the check out lady i'd be right back and grabbed those precious little pints!  i'm such a pig...and i have no self control when it comes to ice cream.  i need help. 

anyhow...i'm still working on a bunch of posts...til next time!  thanks for reading and happy eating! 


  1. I totally eat ketchup with my fried rice, too!! Delicious!

  2. Hey! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I'm Kayla and helped you today at Eleni's :)

    Your blog is making me so hungry...especially this post. The fried rice looks delicious!

  3. I love to smother my fried rice with sriracha sauce! lol

  4. @esther - yeah!!!! Ketchup lovers unite!!

    @kayla - how could I not remember you?! You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your help! I can't wait to share the cookies with my family and friends!

    Thank you so much for reading my blog...sorry its making you hungry...but I have to say...I'm doing my job! =) hope to see you again!

    @alison - hahaha...girl...I think you would've enjoyed all the sirracha on the rice!


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