a little announcement...

I have some crazy, exciting news to share with all of you! In fact, you might want to sit down if you aren't already.

No, no, I'm not getting married nor am I pregnant! And yes, I really do eat all the food that I talk about.

Alright then, let me just get straight to the point.

I'm a finalist on season six of The Next Food Network Star!!!

I know!!!! It's totally out-of-control insane!!! Can you believe it?!

The show premieres on Sunday, June 6 on Food Network. Please check your local listings for show times.

You can also check out the website for more information about me and the other finalists @ http://www.foodnetwork.com/chefs/doreen-fang/index.html


  1. Good Luck Doreen!! We will be rooting for you to win and get your own show =)

  2. thank you ben!! let's kick some booty in bowling tonight!!!

    @ russ - thank you so much!! =)

  3. so awesome! congrats! not sure if you remember me, but we went to school together back in the day ;) a friend informed me of your food network gig, so cool!

  4. hi rick,

    thank you so much!! what's your last name and what school did we go to together? well i definitely appreciate the well wishes and support. you can also check out my fan page on facebook.


    and sign up!! and feel free to share this all with your friends! thank you again for your support! i'm totally excited about this!



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