from paris with love

my dear friend alison just returned from a "10 days wasn't enough" trip to the city lights!  my eating partner...oh how i wished that i could've joined her and her mom to walk the streets, eat cheese and just take in all that paris has to offer.  she of course brought back some delectable goodies for me to eat.

she went to the supermarche and found these bonne maman treats.  yes, the same bonne maman that makes the jam that i so love to eat! (strawberry to be exact! in case you ever want to make a little gift basket for me and can't decide what kind of jam i you know.)  there are butter sable cookies and mini lemon tartlets. 

butter sable cookies, they were amazing!!!!

the cookies were crisp and rich!  there is very litle i can say except that these cookies were phenomenal.  its such a simple cookie made so well.  i loved them! i wish i had boxes of these to pass out and share to each of you. 

ohhhh...lemon tartlets...

you can see the bits of lemon rind in there and even if you think, hey!  there's not much curd in comparison to the crust, this is actually perfectly balanced.  the very real bits of rind and curd are perfectly tart and are complimented with the buttery crust.  i could eat a million of these!  but honestly, just one by itself still hit the spot!

i still have lauduree macarons waiting in the fridge for me to dig into!  i can't wait!  

thank you so much alison for thinking of me and hand carrying all of these decadent desserts for me to enjoy!  i absolutely loved the butter sables and lemon tartlets!! 


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