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i found them at first fridays in venice by the Brig.

i have been hearing about the food truck phenomenon for quite some time.  and finally had my first experience over at the americana in glendale a couple weeks ago.  then i searched them out again and found the food trucks in venice.  first of all, it took me an hour to find parking, and i swear, if we weren't trying to meet up with some friends, i seriously was going to give up.  in fact, i did want to give up, but our friends said to wait. 

the parking situation is completely ridiculous down there and i don't know if i'd ever go down there again because i don't care to waste my time and gas driving around trying to find parking.  only to get in line to wait at least a good 20-30 minutes for food...and that's considered a short line. 

when you get there, be prepared to wait in line for any type of food you want.  i actually ate prior to going because the last time i went to the american for street feast, i waited one hour before i got to even order.  i was starving and felt embarrassed that my friends, the kids all had to wait.  so i went there actually on somewhat of a full stomach...but i thought that by the time i actually got some food, i'd be hungry.  anyhow...i really wanted to try the grilled cheese truck but that was the longest line by far...and the kogi truck was closed because they ran out of food.  so kerri and i decided...lets just get dessert, so we lined up for the cool haus truck which we also saw at street feast! 

now, many of my friends know, i am an ice cream fanatic!  i can eat ice cream every single day.  i like it rich and creamy.  i don't need to have a lot of stuff in it...its all about quality, taste and mouth feel.  though i do admit to loving thrifty ice cream...but that has to do with childhood memories and remember...i'm not a food snob.  =)  i remember when i was a kid, my mom would take us down to thrifty's to get a cone, and we'd always get double scoops and i would just gobble that ice cream cone up like there was no tomorrow.  all the while my sister susan would just be savoring her cone, lick my lick...and i'd look over at her cone...a bit envious, wishing i hadn't eaten mine so i'd ask her for a little bite.   muahahahah of course i'd take this huge bite and she'd always get upset.  finally she stopped letting me take a bite of her ice cream.  she wised up!  haha 

anyhow...all i'm saying is...i'm a freak when it comes to ice i was totally looking forward to eating this ice cream sandwich.  i love the concept of this place, so we stand in line and have nothing better to do in line then talk to your companions or the people either in front or behind you.  we discuss the other food trucks and what they think.  people try to come up with a game plan...the more people you go with, the better.  then you can all break up into teams of two, which i think is best and then go and order as much as you can from each truck and then have a designated waiting spot and try all the food. 

ok, back to the cool haus truck...we finally inch our way to the side of the truck where you can see what's available and how to order it.  you can select the cookie of your choice, or two different cookies if you like.  (i was so torn about just the cookie choices i had to ask if i could do two different ones which they were totally cool about).

then you have your ice cream choices... 

when i got to the front where i could see all the choices i felt super excited and overwhelmed!  everything looked and sounded so tempting!!  as we got closer i was feeling anxious because i wasn't sure what i wanted to order yet and i wanted the best ice cream sandwich possible! 

another ice cream sandwich lover ahead of us got snickerdoodles with the brown butter & candied bacon ice cream... 

i think i should've gotten this one instead of what i ordered.

kerri got snicker doodle cookies with red velvet ice cream...

there were chunks of cake but it felt and looked more like vanilla ice cream with red syrup kind of mixed in.  it was ok for me.  i wasn't overwhelmed.

i got the chocolate cookie and the oatmeal cookie with the caramia lehrer ice cream...

first of all, i thought it was awesome they let me choose two different cookies because of my inability to make a decision quicky.  i was sad thoug because my oatmeal cookie had raisins. (blech)  but oh well...what can i do at that point. the wrapper was actually edible which was kind of cool, but i didn't feel like i needed the extra fiber. 

i really wanted this caramel ice cream to be the bomb!  but it makes me sad to say that it just didn't have a strong caramel flavor at all and i was disappointed about that.  in fact, i was so disappointed that i ended up throwing the last third away because it was falling apart and the ice cream just wasn't what i was hoping for.

peter got chocolate chip and chocolate cookies with the dirty mint chip ice cream...

the mint ice cream was made from fresh mint, it was ok for me, if i remember correctly, kerri and peter were not super into it either.

our new cool house ice cream truck buddy, peter!

just a quick recap...great concept, nice people working the truck, i didn't fall in love with the ice cream...and it cost $4 each!  but i will say that i will return to give them a second taste, and the next time it will be that bacon ice cream on snickerdoodles! 


  1. omg - bacon icecream on a Snickerdoodle - winner!


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