club 33 @ Disneyland

Club 33 @ Disneyland

i will preface this whole post by saying, this was a fantastic experience and i went with a great group of friends, some old, some new, but nonetheless terrific group of people and i completely enjoyed the whole experience of being a part of club 33.
i've always heard about this very exclusive club 33, but since i never thought i'd ever go since you need to either have membership or know someone who had membership, and i had neither, so i never really put a lot of thought into going.  in fact, i didn't know much about it at all.  so i went with absolutely no expectations or preconceived notions.  all i knew was that i felt pretty damn lucky to be invited to check out club 33!  life presents you with something gotta take it, enjoy it and be thankful! 

so there was quite a few people waiting outside to go in, so we patiently waited our turn and once we got in, the lady at the front takes our coats and tells us a bit of history about the club.  there is this old looking elevator that Walt had commissioned to have made and was a replica from a hotel in paris. he had originally asked if he could have it, but the hotel said no because it was the only way to get the luggage up and down for the guests.  the elevator is super tiny fits 2 or 3 people depending on how big you are...or perhaps even just one person. there are also stairs that guests can take upstairs to the dining room.

lucky for us, we were able to squeeze in and ride to the top...seriously, this space was tiny!

the chargers on the table ...

our amuse bouche of mushroom duxelle...

mushroom duxelle in puff pastry with a balsamic reduction.  it was light, flavorful and the sweetness from the balsamic reduction was nice compliment to the mushrooms.

this was kerri's dish, day boat scallop with artichoke fennel nage (yes, just one scallop)...

i only had a tiny bite, since it was just the one scallop, but it was nice and tender.  kerri really enjoyed this dish.

my appetizer, along with brian and debbie - pan fried shrimp cake, fresh black truffle, white asparagus soubise...

do you notice anything missing from my dish?  something black and thinly shaved perhaps?  if you guessed black are so on the money!  i swear, debbie and i were looking underneath the shrimp cake, around it...wondering...where is the truffle?  finally i asked our waiter about the black truffle and he apologized that it was missing and said that he had noticed that they were missing on the plates the night before as well.  (sigh)  what do you think i'm going to say next? 

the fact that the piece de resistance of the dish is missing from the plate is so beyond me...and that this wasn't the first time it happened is truly disturbing.  for such an exclusive restaurant which you would think would have some impeccable standards, this was not good.  who's watching the plates as they go out?  anyone?  beuller?!  you get my drift.  anyhow, they brought out a small dish of shaved truffles, which looked more like they had been soaking in oil versus being freshly shaved.  which i actually don't mind, i buy italian black truffles and they are so fragrant and amazing.  since we all can't afford to pay hundreds for fresh truffles from italy. 

back to these truffles, it was really disappointing because truffles are one of my all time favorite things...i love its earthy, pungent seriously feels like a drug when you inhale its aroma (not that i'd know how drugs make me feel because i don't take any, and none of the pain killers like vicodin work on me).  brian had never tried truffles so i was really excited for him to try it, but these tasted nothing like any truffle i've ever had, strangely enough it tasted just like a mushroom!  (yes, i know its a fungus!!!!)  every truffle i've ever had was incredible...well, that's a lie, there were these fresh oregon truffles which i will never buy again.  they didn't have a very strong earthy taste at all which was pretty disappointing as well.  ok, my point about these truffles is that, there is a minimum of $72.00 person, and i'm thinking we are going to get top-notch everything, people rave about this place...and the food is not living up to the hype. 

don't get me wrong...i am loving the whole idea that i'm able to be here and knowing this is a once in a life time opportunity, plus the company makes the whole experience so much fun and completely memorable.  mind you, i had no expectations about the food, but when i read the menu and after our waiter talked about how much emphasis was put on quality etc...i was thinking...this is going to be awesome! 

russell and audrey both got the autumn field greens, sugared beet, local apple vinaigrette...

bobby ordered the baked pacific oyster, crisp proscuitto, bloomsdale spinach...

bobby, eating his oyster appetizer...

he grabbed a piece bread and made a little oyster sandwich...he said it was good and liked it "ghetto style"

pan seared john dory, artichoke & potato, kumquat marmalade...

prime braised boneless short rib, sweet potato gratin...

this was my dish, along with debbie and someone else i thought, i can't remember right now.  anyhow, i love short ribs and probably 9 out of 10 times, if i see it on the menu, i always get it because i'm trying to find THE best short ribs.  so, of course, it sounded great, i asked if there would be some type of reduction on it and the answer was i was completely anticipating this dish.  i think we all know where this is going already...

so our plates come out...and we dig wasn't as fork tender and moist as i would have liked and debbie also agreed.  the sauce was a bit on the thick and gelatinous side versus being a rich reduction.  the vegetables were more than al dente, i think they might have hit the water for a split second then pulled out, because the were really tough to cut and the squash was kind of bitter.  the best thing i believe was the sweet potato and potato gratin, but even then, the flavors weren't memorable to me at all.  i was pretty disappointed with the whole dish. 

i definitely don't ever want to be rude and say that something wasn't great, but in this case, i didn't care for it very much and the sauce was like something you get from the market and pour out of a jar.  believe me, i'm not trying to rip on them and it breaks my heart to say this about something involving disneyland...but i much rather spend $6 on a corn dog (even if they are getting smaller) than $100 at club 33 for a very mediocre dinner. 

filet of chateaubriand, parsnip-cipollini puree...

brian ordered this, which looking back, i probably should've too.  his meat was cooked beautifully and he said he really enjoyed the dish.

i believe they called this an apple charlotte...

chocolate trio - chocolate-hazelnut tart, warm chocolate cake and milk chocolate pot de creme and some of us ordered this a la mode.  because i had to have vanilla ice cream with all this rich, decadent chocolate...

this dessert was wasn't blow your mind amazing.  i've had many a chocolate trio desserts and this was just ok.  i'm really glad i got the ice cream though. 

to sum up the evening at club 33:  food = so so and definitely not worth the price.  but the chance to go to club 33 and the company = priceless and awesome!  thank you russell and audrey for taking us to club 33 for an experience i will never forget.  i really did enjoy myself!  and to the rest of my eating crew!  i had a great evening with all of you!

thanks again to russell, audrey, kerri, debbie, bobby and brian!!


  1. Yuck.. Im sorry that the food portion of your experience was not as great as presented. I agree that one of the worse foodie experience you can have is when you pay a whole lot for a dish you think will be good because it has your favorite ingredients and then its missing... And your just confused out of your mind how they could possibly let this happen. You almost feel like false advertising and you got jipped when they actually dont even add whats missing after youve told them. FYI do not go to Sun Dried Tomato. It was the worse dining experience i have ever had.

    Thanks for the article. I liked it!

  2. hi betty,

    thanks for comment. you know, i've really learned to come to terms with the fact that there are going to be many times in my life where i pay a lot of money and the food isn't that great. in fact, there was a point where i stopped going out to expensive places for that very fact, but now, i just go for the total experience and i know that sometimes it's a hit, other times a miss...but i don't get too upset anymore. i just keep an open mind to the food and just try to be very honest about what i'm eating in my blog. and of course, it is just my opinion. but nonetheless, i did in fact have a terrific time with my companions and loved having the chance to be there.

    and as unfortunate as it is that mistakes were made, our waiter was totally fabulous and i enjoyed having him as our waiter.

    and thanks for the tip on not eating at sun dried tomato. i wont go if it was your worst dining experience.

    thanks for reading and i'm glad you liked it!


  3. I had the opportunity to have lunch at club 33 this past weekend. I was completely satisified with my experience! I ordered the chatueau briand. It didnt come with the truffles that i wanted to try so bad. I asked if i can substitute my mashed potatos. They said they could not but they will see what they can do. Not only did they bring me a side a truffles along with my dish, they did not charge the me for it. The best service by far and the food was so delicious!!! Very very happy memories of that place.

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