woodhouse fish co.

woodhouse fish co.
1914 fillmore street
san francisco, ca 94115
415.437.crab (2722)

open daily
sun-thur 11:30-10pm
fri-sat 11:30-10:30pm
walk-ins only

i had just gotten in from my flight from las vegas and my sister and i were trying to decide what to eat. we asked our friend rob to join us and none of us really had any real preference on what to eat.  just so you know, unless there is something really specific that i'm craving to eat, i'm pretty open to suggestions and trying something that's in the neighborhood i've never tried before.  susan suggested woodhouse and a couple of other places, but we thought we'd just walk and take a look at the menus and choose a place.  we were all pretty hungry...the menu looked like good classic american seafood fare...so we decided to stay and check it out.

"hartford" clam chowder...

you might be asking yourself, "have i ever heard of the "hartford" chowder?"  unless you were in hartford, connecticut and they called it that...or perhaps if you have eaten at a woodhouse fish co., then you might have happened to come upon this particular chowder.  as i was told by our waitress, this is a "made up" chowder their restaurant came up with and its a combination of their regular clam chowder (3/4) and manhattan clam chower (1/4) put right on top.  can you say yum?!  i really liked the combination of the two chowders together.  it really reminds me of how i like to eat my pasta sauce, red sauce with cream.  i like it because it makes the cream cuts the acidity from the tomatoes.  in this case, i love the richness of the regular clam chowder, but the little bit of manhattan just gave it a little zing and burst of extra tomato flavor to the creamy soup.  i loved it!  also, there were large nuggets of tender clam throughout the entire soup...they weren't skimping at all which was terrific!

wedge salad with maytag blue cheese...

nice simple wedge salad, my sister susie q cut it all up and there were some nice little surprises in there...roasted beets!!  i must say, i truly enjoy eating beets.  when i was growing up, my mom never made us beets, and i only remember seeing them at the salad bar, say at a restaurant like sizzler for example, and they were just "those dark red circles" to me.  i never had the inclination to eat them, until i went to culinary school and started to cook them myself and i just fell in love with them.  back to our wedge salad, so they had these wonderfully sweet beets in the salad, i believe they are the chioggia variety, which is a sweet Italian heirloom beet, with beautiful pink and white stripes.  they were perfectly cooked and indeed, very sweet.  when i was eating the combination of the salad and beets, i wasn't sure if i liked it together, (the blue cheese dressing and beets) but the beets were so good, it really didn't matter to me at the moment. they were delicious, and i think that they were THE best part of the entire salad.

split-top dungeness louie roll...

this wasn't my dish so i only had a little bite.  my friend rob ordered this and i didn't want to be miss piggy and start chomping on it.  when i was going through the menu, i wasn't paying attention to everything on it, because i was really excited about certain other dishes...so i didn't realize it had said it was a crab louie roll.  so when i ate it, got a taste of the lettuce with thousand island dressing and crab, i was like...hmmm, this is just like a crab louie salad!  DUH!  if i only read the menu better!  so anyhow...there were giant chunks of fresh crab and the little bite that i had was good.  i actually wish i could've eaten more of this to get a better sense of the whole dish including the roll.  But from the little that i did, it made enough of an impression on me that i would try and get it next time.

split-top maine lobster roll...

the grilled backside...

i love eating lobster, but my favorite part of the lobster is the body more so than the claws.  even though they were so incredibly generous with the lobster claws, which you can see are whole and really just looked terrific.  i don't like the taste of the claw...its almost chalky to me and not my favorite taste.  what's worse is that, i had already gotten a taste of rob's crab louie roll, and i liked the flavor that had so much better.  it was so sad because i was really excited to eat the lobster roll too.  i'm sorry, i can't even speak about the golden toasted roll because i was so not loving the taste of the claws that it really took away from the whole thing for me.

fish & chips - anchor steam beer-battered wild alaskan cod with shoe string fries...

i'm going to jump right into the tartar sauce!  OMG!  fresh, homemade (at least it looked homemade to me!) and soooooo mouth-wateringly good!  i could slather that all over myself and just lick it all up.  j/k...i might get some weird skin reaction.  anyhow...i would go back to eat the tartar sauce alone!  any deep fried seafood item would be delicious with that stuff!  the fish itself was crispy and light.  i would say the fish was more on the drier side, more flaky...as in, not succulent like halibut or something, but it was still very good.  honestly, it was the tartar sauce that did it for me though...it was so damn delicious.  i'd get this again, as long as i get a big ol' side of that DEEEEE-licious tartar sauce!

oh!  i almost forgot to talk about the fries!  i didn't even ask for them to be extra crispy like i normally do, but 2 out of the 3 baskets had some nicely golden, crispy fries already!  so that was really great that they made it that way without having to be asked!  extra points just for the fries!

overall, my favorite items were the hartford chowder, tartar sauce with a side of fish and chips hehe ;), and of course, those big chunks of beautiful pink/white striped chioggia beets!  hmmm....  i love finding places that can make some of my favorite comfort foods...and just make it right.  i was told they also have a killer bread pudding dessert that comes out hot with a large dollop of whipped cream that kind of melts into the hot ramekin and becomes the "sauce".  i have yet to try that...*sigh*

time for dessert...

fraiche yogurt
1910 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115


we actually went next door for dessert at fraiche...organic frozen yogurt.  if you take your receipt from woodhouse, you get one free topping!  i got the organic pomegranate and valrhona chocolate frozen yogurt.  for my toppings i chose the homemade mochi and fresh strawberries.  the fresh mochi was soft and chewy which i thought was excellent.  the store is nicely decorated, wood tables with little vases of branches or unique plants.  its just cool, very san francisco.  not like the frozen yogurt places in l.a., where its almost like a circus and they are super colorful and try to be more "futuristic" in their decor. here, it's just simple, subdued and comfortable.  i liked that.  

hmmm...i liked the square cubes of fresh mochi...

chocolate lovers...how can you resist fresh shavings of callebaut chocolate?


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