spicy thai chili veggie chow mein

noodles is one of my favorite things to eat...but everytime i go to the chinese restaurants, they don't usually have the type of noodles that i like to eat (lo mein).  so it is just much easier for me to make it myself at home. 

for the last couple of days i've been craving spicy noodles...something nice and simple.  i decided to make it with just napa cabbage, cha'i-pow-yu (braised gluten) which are these vegetarian gluten globs my mom introduced me to a very long time ago.  they really are quite good, i buy the companion brand and its called cha'i-pow-yu (braised gluten).  lots of green onions and a few thai chilies.  i also add extra spice with a spicy chili paste...more heat! and for added flavor for the noodles, this chinese soy sauce...i'd give you the name but its all in chinese.  my mom used to use it all the time, so its what i use now too.  how i wish i didn't screw around as a kid and actually learned to read and write chinese.  damn it!  i need to get the rosetta stone chinese series!  *sigh*

the noodles were delicious...i love how the heat from the chilies just slowly creeps into your mouth and gets hotter and hotter!  i get bits of crunchy napa cabbage, a little saltiness from the gluten and bright oniony flavor from the green onions. 

if you're ever craving some chow mein (lo mein) you can easily make this at home, you don't need a ton of ingredients and its very inexpensive to make.  if you just don't do vegetarian...then add your favorite meat!  too bad i can't share some of this with you!


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