luv it frozen custard

Luv It Frozen Custard
505 E Oakey Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 384-6452

i love going to this place, and luckily we got there before closing time!  believe me, i was puttin' the pedal to the metal!  Lord knows there have been many times i've actually tried to go down here and they were closed.  many people might not know where this is located in vegas, but if you are a frequent visitor of olympic gardens (and no, its not a botanical garden) you will be familiar with this area.  just be aware that there are homeless people who hang out around there and will solicit you for money. 

they just gave this place a fresh new coat of purple paint...and it looks cheery and happy.  the way you feel when you eat their custard.

in case you didn't know what the difference is between frozen custard and ice cream...

they are now open 7 days a week!  i'm so happy to see that!

i got the western special, vanilla custard, hot fudge, minus the caramel, salted pecans and a maraschino cherry. 

the frozen yogurt is soooooo smooth and creamy, the texture is so silky on my tongue and the hot fudge...whoa, it is equally as silky.  when i eat it, the textures are exactly the same, but the only way i can tell the difference between the two is the temperature.  i know, you might think, of course the fudge is smooth because it's hot.  But seriously, even long after we got our custard sundaes and i was close to the end of it all, it was still as smooth as it was in the beginning. 

one of my favorite parts of this whole sundae is the salted pecans!  its the perfect bit of salty, crunchiness to mix in with the sweet of the fudge and custard!  and for some odd reason, last night when i finally popped that maraschino cherry half into my mouth along with a bit of custard, fudge and nuts...its was the perfect bite of juicy sweetness.  i could go for another bite right now.

my all-time "bestest" eating buddy...alison.

i swear, i am so lucky!  alison will eat anywhere i want and anything i choose.  she never complains about the non-stop eating excursions and is always such a trooper about it.  she is THE BEST!!  and i am so blessed to have such an amazing friend who will eat with me 24 hours a day...literally!  (i'm still trying to recover from our eating frenzy in san francisco!) 

i know plenty of you come out to if you can take some time out of your busy schedules from gambling, sunning, clubbing or whatever crazy thing you're doing (example:  helping the economy by visiting strip clubs like olympic gardens, which you then have no excuse because its so close to luv it's), i definitely recommend you get yourself some frozen custard.  check out their website for daily flavors, tips on how to order and where to find this little vegas gem of a dessert place.  

all i can say is....smmoooooooooth and creamy!  get yourself a sundae today!


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