chinese comfort food @ supreme dragon

Supreme Dragon
18406 Colima Rd Ste E
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-0396

i know i have talked about supreme dragon on facebook but never here on my blog so i wanted to share this with you.  supreme dragon is always an old standard for our family, well...maybe not for everyone in my family.  my dad gets sick of eating here because every time any of us girls come home, we always want to eat something familiar and comforting, and this is where we want to go.  so while my sister, susan, was in town, yes, during that same weekend of the tragic incident at rowland garden cafe.  we came here for lunch the very next day.  all of us girls just love foods that remind of us our childhood...potstickers, buns, and noodley things that remind us of our mom.  she would always make all of these dishes for us because she knew how much we loved eating them!  alright, enough about us...let's get to the food.

one of my favorites...thousand year old duck egg with tofu, special sauce and a special request for a side of fresh cilantro and green onions. 

when we were growing up, we couldn't just buy clean thousand year old duck eggs in the market where they kept all the other eggs.  we'd go to a market in chinatown and walk to the back of the store where there was this huge earthen vase filled with these black ovals covered in some type of mud.  my mom and dad would go through this vase and pick out the eggs.  when we'd get home, we'd gently crack off the outer layer of mud and then get to the shell, then crack and peel of the shell, revealing that beautiful opaquish black egg.

yes, the eggs really are black and the yolk has this green/bluish hue to it.  personally, i like the yolk to be kind of creamy and runny...(no big surprise since i like my regular eggs runny.  haha)  i really just love that texture and i personally feel like the flavor of the yolk tastes better.  the taste of this egg is has a very pungent, ammonia aroma...and some people think its disgusting...but I LOVE IT!!

does anyone remember the show fear factor?  remember when they had pureed it and made the contestants eat it?  it was so hilarious because all them were so grossed out by the thought that it was "a thousand years old" and also from the black/blue color.  i was thinking...OMG!  YUM!  even better if they added some shoyu, sesame seed oil and a sprinkling of green onions and cilantro!  i could've easily won that challenge if i had a chance to eat it!  but if it were cow balls or goat eyeballs, i would've barfed. 

anyhow...with the right ingredients...this dish is soooooo delicious. 

here's my daddy-o mixing it all up so every bite has a bit of sauced tofu with some of the eggs.  i swear, there is never enough egg!  there should be at least two whole eggs on there.  oh well.

i like the fresh scallions and cilantro...

not only does it give you the herb and oniony flavor, it also adds a bit of texture to a very "soft" dish.
potstickers!  my nephew brandon loves eating potsickers too! 

i wish that it was left in the pan just a hint longer to give the bottom a bit more golden, crunchy texture.  but it was still good.  i always make my own spicy dipping sauce to eat with my potstickers.

mustard greens, soy beans and tofu sheets...

this was my mom's favorite dish...and has since become a favorite for my sisters and i.  its a very simple dish, i always have to add salt to this because i think its always under seasoned.  no matter, i will always get, because i like it and two, because its good for me.  =)  (remember...its good for your colon!)

my other nephew, justin, is predominantly vegetarian and loves eating tofu.  this is his favorite dish here, tofu with mushrooms in brown sauce. 

it's really cute because justin actually requests eating here because he loves this dish so much.  he's a pretty picky eater, so it makes me happy to know that he enjoys eating here and he even knows how to say the name of the restaurant in mandarin!  when his dish comes out, he'll sit there, spoon out the tofu onto his plate, then he'll go back and get the gravy and let it drip slowly over his rice.  smart boy!  i love gravy on my rice!!!

xiao long bao...

so far, of all the places i have been to and tried xiao long bao, i still love eating it here.  i think the meat is tender and has good flavor, while the texture of the skins have a nice bite and chewiness to it.  i am really liking the ginger with it, which i was never super crazy about when i was younger,  but i feel like my tastes are constantly changing and evolving as i get older.  

rice ovals with pork and veggies...

this is one of my dad's favorite dishes, but he always requests that they use as little oil as possible.  the rice ovals are very sticky so typically they use a lot of oil so they don't stick in the pan and to each other.  its very chewy and takes on the flavor of whatever sauce you use, this is more soy/brown sauce based.  i like the little bits of crunchy veggies in here that contrast with the chewy ovals.

we ALWAYS get green onion pancakes...

theirs is a little thicker than many other restaurants, but i like the doughyness and the crispy texture together.  this is another dish that i always think needs more salt before it even comes out, i always grab the salt shaker from the condiment cart, because salt isn't readily available on every table.  so as soon as it hits the table i salt it so that it has a chance to melt while the pancake is still super hot. 

kung pao chicken...

my other sister, robin, was in the mood for some kung pao chicken.  i remember my parents always ordering this dish when we were kids...and it was a staple dish whenever we went out.  this was fine...tender pieces of chicken, lots of peanuts and onions.  this is not something i crave and would normally order, it's a good basic dish. 
pan fried pork buns...

this is one of susan's favorites...basically its a little pork bao that is pan fried.  i love the crispy texture on the bottom and the soft bao.  the pork is also tender and i think that it's the same pork they use in the potstickers and xiao long bao.  though i never asked them, so i can't be certain, but it sure tastes pretty similar to me. 

i told you we love doughy things!  after all that food, can we say carb coma?!  hahaha  whenever i'm in the mood for some good comfort chinese food, this is where i go.  i'm sure there are other places out there that are better that i have still yet to try, and would love to find and go to one day.  but for now, this is the place that fulfills not only my cravings for comfort food, but that of my family (and its so close to my house!!).  i hope that if you try it too, you'll enjoy some of the things that bring back such fond memories for me about growing up chinese and most importantly, my mom.  miss you momma! 


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