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Pane Bianco
4404 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 234-2100

so, i hope you all had a fantastic holiday!! and of course...a happy new year to you all! i am getting back on track and am determined to get out all my posts!!! so, i must back track to some of my more memorable restaurants i visited while in phoenix.

so, i hope you all had a fantastic holiday!! and of course...a happy new year to you all! i am getting back on track and am determined to get out all my posts!!! so, i must back track to some of my more memorable restaurants i visited while in phoenix.

pane one of three of chef chris bianco's restaurants. chris bianco won the james beard award back in 2003 for his restaurant he co-owns, pizzeria bianco. (which will be in the next post) what makes him unique is that no other chef has ever won a james beard award for pizza. 

pane bianco is just a little sandwich shop with gourmet sandwiches on freshly baked bread.  the outdoor seating is all there is, and if you plan on eating there, you might have to share a table with other patrons because it does get really busy here and its all family style seating on large wooden picnic tables.  this place seems to be a hot spot for many local diners here in phoenix.

the ovens are working non-stop baking fresh breads for the sandwiches.

remember adi?  she was so sweet, she just waited patiently as we got our food.

all of our goodies were neatly packed up in white butcher paper and just waiting for us to tear into them!!!   i know i didn't say this earlier, but i freaking love sandwiches.  there is something about having my entire meal in my hand.  great bread, delicious and fresh ingredients...i couldn't ask for more. 

our first sandwich we started on...just a really terrific fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato sandwich on the fresh baked bread, hot out of the oven and very well seasoned with salt and pepper.  the fresh homemade mozzarella was buttery and creamy in taste but with just the right amount of chewy texture.  this was delicious...simple and tasty. 

sandwich number two was that day's special...was filled with smoked bacon, fontina cheese and tomatoes.  it was incredibly smokey, but had great was a nice mix of soft and crispy bacon.  

adi aka bean bean was so good, she just sat quietly and waited for us to eat...and she didn't even beg for one delicious morsel of food!

sandwich number three was filled with soppressata, wood roasted red bells and aged provelone.  first off, i am not a big fan of bell peppers, the flavor is always incredible overwhelming to me and makes my tummy upset, but i know many people love red bells.  its just a matter of preference.  even though i love sopressata, this wasn't my favorite sandwich.  it was alright.

last but not least, our last sandwich was tuna with baby arugula.  the tuna wasn't overly mayonnaisey.  it tasted really clean and almost kind of sweet.  i found the flavor to just be simple and good, with just the right amount of citric acid.  nicely balanced and the fresh baby arugula had just the perfect touch of bitterness to go with the sweet tuna.  my only complaint would be that i wanted a bit more tuna to have a better tuna to bread ratio.  besides that...i really liked this sandwich.

i had also picked up a fresh mixed greens salad, it was ok, nothing special.  i had to go back in to get some dressing because they forgot to pack it.  it was a basic balsamic which lacked very little flavor, so that was pretty disappointing.  nothing to write home about...

in our bag, they gave us five coffee caramels...

they were soft, buttery and chewy. all freshly made...the flavor of the coffee and caramel was perfectly balanced.

beanie is indicating how much we enjoyed our favorites were the fresh mozzarella and tuna. 

if you're ever out in phoenix and are looking for just some great sandwiches, i would definitely recommend checking out pane bianco.  love the fresh baked breads and of course the very fresh ingredients.  stick with the sandwiches, the basic salad was just that. 

up!!!  hmmmmmmmmm


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