no...i have not stopped eating! THAT would every happen. unless perhaps hell freezes over, but im sure i can make some sweet syrup and make shave ice! yellow snow cones for the people i dont like. haha or if piggies fly? think i'd make a lasso and catch them while they are flying...yeah so really...nothing could ever stop me from eating.

so do no fret...i have quite a few restaurants to review for you.
bluefin in newport beach, king's road cafe in w. ho, mandarin deli, RH @ andaz in w. ho...i think theres more but i can't think of them right now.

so i am currently going to do a mini culinary tour of phoenix...checking out some restaurants from rising chefs and those noted by the james beard foundation and so forth.

and of course...some childhood favorites for my friend annie and some dives too! so i will be capturing everything on my camera and will post asap!!

new cuisines, new flavors and some very familiar ones as well...

till then...have a great day!

xoxoto all my supporters! thank you!


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