friend's childhood favorite: pete's fish and chips

Pete's Fish & Chips
3920 S Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85040
(602) 268-1828

our first stop in phoenix was to pete' of anna's all time favorite places to eat.  growing up in phoenix, pete's fish & chips was a staple for anna and her family.  if you should go, you have to go to the one on central...its the best of all the pete's.

mind you, this is not fine dining in anyway...but its just simple, crunchy, crispy, deep fried food. 

adi (the cute little daschund) joined us on our culinary road trip phoenix.

sitting on the very top of our bag was our deliciously crispy onion rings.  the onions themselves aren't too thick, the breading is crunchy and it was just a nicely seasoned onion ring.

we got the seafood combo: shrimp, fish and french fries.  the breading is like a cornmeal crust with lots of seasoning in it, but the fish and the shrimp itself is just plain and unseasoned.  the filets are like mcdonald's, nothing particularly special, lots of black pepper in the breading, but the real key is to dip it in pete's famous sauce and/or the combination of pete's and the tartar sauce. 

we ordered an extra large cup of pete's sauce and a small side of tartar sauce for me. anna of course ONLY eats her shrimp, fries and onion rings with pete's sauce. i on the other hand love tartar sauce so i really enjoyed the two sauces together...a little creamy a little tangy.

a little snap shot of our sauces...

pete's is loved by all...even adi was tempted by the deep fried goodness!

adi's thoughts:  "I hate when she teases me like this!  if i could just streeeetch a little closer to that shrimp!  i'm a weiner dog for crying out loud!"

no, don't worry, we didn't give adi any fried shrimp!, this is how anna likes to eat her pete's shrimp...

this place is so popular...we saw some phoenix fireman taking a little lunch break and enjoying their seafood combos too!  they were all kind enough to pose for this photo as they enjoyed their pete's!  i asked them what would they do if they suddenly got a call while they were waiting for their food.  of the good firemen that they are...they would leave, but pete's would give them their food when they returned. 

thanks guys!!

thank you anna for bringing me to pete's fish & chips...a place that will always bring back fond memories and a big fat greasy smile to your face.  i enjoyed it in all its simple, crispy goodness. 


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