side note on XIV by michael mina

i failed to mention this last night...perhaps the grogginess from the lunesta made me forget.  when we were discussing the tasting menu with our server gloria, she mentioned that the food would be coming out one right after the other and i just thought, of course, not a problem...we are used to that in tasting menus.  as soon as you're done, they clear and the next course is brought out promptly.

not realizing what she really meant!  when our first course came out, i busted out my camera and started taking some pictures, and mind you, it was only a few minutes...and then our second course arrived.  which was kind of shocking and strange, since we hadn't even taken a bite of our first course yet.  greg and i discussed how we hoped it wouldn't be like this throughout the entire meal, because no one likes to feel rushed.

throughout our meal, we would occasionally get another course before we finished.  typically, they should never bring out another course until you are done and all the dishes and cutlery have been removed.  but i guess they do it differently here. 

for some people, this could make you feel very rushed, but for greg and i, we just took our sweet ol' time and enjoyed the food, discussing each dish in great length and of course how some some of the dishes paired with the very lovely malbec, which by the way, on greg's recommendation, i ran to bevmo and bought a few...bottles. (4 to be exact).   

anyhow, i wanted to make sure you all knew that if you should eat there, this is what you should expect, and in fact, this was one of the issues that made my other friends' experience here so awful.

for me, because the overall experience was so pleasant, i did not allow that to distract or bother me...i continued eating my way through each course and savored every bite of that meal (well the ones that i really loved).  oh man i wish i had that nutella custard again. 

hope this helps for your visit to xiv!


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