light lunch @ Supreme Dragon

Supreme Dragon
18406 Colima Rd Ste E
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 810-0396

for many of you who know me, you know that i frequent this chinese restaurant quite often because i love their shao long bao and green onion pancakes.  there are quite a few other items i eat all the time, but today i felt like eating something different and stop being my same predictable self when i eat here.

there was another afternoon where my dad and sister, robin went to this other little chinese stand like place and my dad got this incredible bowl of soup noodles with veggies.  so i wanted to see if supreme dragon could create that same bowl of deliciousness i experienced before. 

#52 - noodle soup with pickled vegetables and pork

i had a choice of thick or thin noodles and i chose thin.  you can see all the green veggies floating around.  those are all pickled mustard greens all chopped up.  the broth was very light...too light.  i wish it had more flavor, the noodles were a bit on the softer side, which i prefer it to be a hair more al dente.  the pork was tender...which was fine.  the one thing that made this dish so much better was the pickled veggies they have on the table.  so much better with each bite!!  overall, this soup noodle lacked flavor and depth.  it was too mild for me.

believe it or not, i only got one more thing to eat...i was not in the mood to eat 10 different items.  shocking...i know.

i am a carb freak, so of course i needed another carb item, so instead of my normal green onion pancake, i got the layered pancake. (which i can't think of the name in english i can only say it in chinese.  which literally interpreted is grab pancake)  its layers and layers of dough wound into a circle and when you grab it should "unwind".

did you notice my best friend in the background?!  yes...its salt. all their stuff is just slightly under salted...since i know that, i'm always prepared to give it a little hit.  this pancake was really crispy and almost a little too doughy for how i've had it in the past.  one of the best places i've had it is happy was flaky and tender while still maintaining just enough crispness.  perhaps it was over mixed, i will stick to the green onion pancakes in the future.

though i didn't love my food this time, i will still go back and get my regular favorites!  i just wanted to write about something different and try something new in hopes to find new favorites to share with y'all! 

i won't give up until i find something else!!!  i will do it for all of you out there!! 

happy eating!


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