homemade handcut noodles @ golden china restaurant

Golden China Restaurant
inside the 99 Ranch Market Center
1015 S. Nogales St. #129
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

i was super hungry today (i know...when am i not?!) and with the overcast skies looking kind of chilly and gloomy, i felt like a bowl of hot noodles.  i wasn't sure where to go, but my old friend from college, audrey had recommended that i check out golden china a while back.  this restaurant is located in the 99 ranch market shopping center and since i also needed to do a bit of shopping, this was perfect!  i could kill two birds with one stone.  i took a look at the menu from outside, saw they had spicy beef noodle soup, walked in and was seated. 

i'm a sucker for noodles and dumplings...so i ordered the szechwan style beef noodle soup and the shrimp and leek dumplings (fried).

how i wish i was a better student when my mom tried to teach me how to read and write chinese. 

i could be enjoying all the yummy deliciousness that is written down on this paper...its seems so unfair and somewhat discriminatory to those who don't read chinese.  that has always been my biggest complaint about chinese restaurants who write all their specials in chinese...i can never get the really good stuff because i can't read!!  dang it! 

alright, enough of my moaning and groaning...its time to eat!

look at that deep, rich color of the broth with that red layer of spiciness along the edges of the bowl.  oh Lord.  lots of bright green veggies and the dark green stuff is the "sour" veggies. 

the waitress never asked me what kind of noodles i wanted, and this is what came out.  this big, thick, chewy, handmade, knife cut noodles.  wow!  i loved how imperfect each slice was...and the terrific "bite" of each noodle.  it was so thick that it was a bit stiff and hard to handle.  i normally put my noodles in my soup spoon, get a bit of soup, put a piece of meat, some veggies and the sour veggies so that each bite had a little of something.  everytime i put one of the giant noodles into my spoon, it totally had a mind of its own and would pop out or off my spoon!  it took me a little time to get used to it and get them to cooperate, but i finally wrangled them into my spoon and then right into my mouth!   hmmmm...so good.

the broth!  it was incredibly flavorful and i couldn't not stop drinking it.  just like the color, it was rich in beef flavor and had the perfect amount of spiciness to eat.  the meat was good, but could've been cooked a little longer to make it more tender, they had tons of veggies in there which i loved because so many places don't give any vegetables.  and those sour veggies, that really pulled this dish together for me.  these are also homemade here and i have to say the flavor was better than supreme dragon's.  mind you, i haven't eaten a lot of sour veggies in my life time so i don't have a lot to compare it to.  (i never liked eating strange chinese food...hey!  i was a kid!)  i wish they gave me a big ol' bowl of it! 

i drank up all that broth...and left a bowl full of noodles. 

the size of the bowl is deceiving, i didn't realize how much noodles they gave me, but i wish the bowl was bigger, so i could have more broth.  i want to mention that when i was leaving, they packed up my dumplings along with my noodles and gave me more broth!  who does that?!  that was so awesome and so generous of them!! 

hmmmm, where was i eating....not too long ago...some asian restaurant..i can't remember where, anyhow,  this lady drank all her soup from her soup noodles and asked for more, but the waitress waved her finger back and forth and said, "no, its only one serving."  hello!  its not like soda!  "no free refills".  i believe this is pretty standard in any restaurant right?!  haha  i did laugh when the lady asked because i thought it was kind of strange.  i mean...would you go into some other restaurant and say order french onion soup, drink it all, leave the onions and ask for more soup?!  NOoooo! 

my pan fried shrimp and leek dumplings...

served with black vinegar and pickled ginger.  homemade skins, nice and thick...i think that i would get them boiled instead next time just because the dough had lots of bite and chewiness to it.  plus, they didn't pan fry it to that really golden crunchy state that i love so much.

does this look like shrimp to you?

nope!  i didn't see or taste any shrimp in here...it was just a pork and leek dumping.  it was ok...because of the fact that there was so much dough and the super thick noodles, i could only eat four of these dumplings...i was full.  i didn't like eating them with the black vinegar so i just used some chili sauce and soy.  but i would use chili oil, soy, sesame oil and vinegar next time. 

next time i will bring my dad or another chinese reading individual so we can order off the "chinese" menus!  but this place is definitely worthy of many returns.  i want to get the red chili oil wontons next time.  the broth and the sour veggies!  loved it!  everything was made from scratch and with passion and tradition behind it.  there is nothing like good comfort food...i really enjoyed the spicy beef soup noodles! 

thank you audrey for the great recommendation!!!!

go check out this little hole in the wall yourself!  oh!  and by the way...they have an A rating!  i know!  i did a double take too!  it still said A!! 

good and clean!!  you can't beat it! =)

happy eating! 

ps. thank you all for the support and positive feed back on my blog!  i can't tell you how much i appreciate you all for reading my blog!  its always so nice to talk to some of you and hear that you find my eating adventures entertaining! 

i know my grammar sucks and i always have typos...hehe, but really...its all about the food.  i really try to catch all of it...but as many of you already know, i write like i talk.  all over the place!  haha

thank you all again and i'm sending out hugs to all of you!!!


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