family...celebrating a centenarian and a "23rd" birthday!

grandma leung on the left celebrates 100 years
popo on the right, just there to party

i actually went to church on saturday, to listen to the girls, audrey, hannah and megan perform and listen to grandma leung's testimony.  wow...i have not been in church for a very long was a very lovely service.  the girls were great and hearing grandma's story was heart wrenching at first, so sad what she went through in her lifetime...but the triumph of a life that is now filled with so much love and happiness.  its a constant reminder of how fortunate we are today, because of all the sacrifices our parents, grandparents etc., made in order for us to have what we enjoy today in life.  so from the bottom of my heart, i want to say thank you to my parents...for the life i live today. 

auntie mary is such an amazing cook!  how i wish she would teach me how to make her naan...but until then...she made konnyaku.  like jello!

auntie mary and hannah holding some of the fishies
and birthday konnyaku they made! 

amazing!  this was a hit with everyone!

little "peach" buns

i really should find out the significance of these, but i always see them at birthdays and i believe they are filled with yellow bean paste.  but anyone who knows for certain why we always have them and what's inside...please let me know!  i think its a good luck thing. 

in the usual...with one of my favorite people in the whole world, my god sister karen.

after a catered lunch of chinese food and birthday was decided that we need to eat more dessert!

Tutti Frutti Yogurt
17861 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 964-9696

at least its semi-healthy and not super fattening depending on what you put on it!

i love the lychee yogurt and also tried some of the tutti fruitti flavor, which is just a mix of berries and i enjoyed the flavors.  my typical toppings, strawberries, mochi balls, coconut passion fruit jelly and curtis recommended i try the fruity pebbles!  omg!  which was awesome!  i love the fruity flavors and texture! 

this place is so much fun for kids and adults!  so many flavors to choose from and they have lots of toppings!!  and the fruit all looks nice and fresh which is great!  if you are unsure of the flavors, ask the girls at the counter for some sampling careful...that yogurt comes out FAST!  you could instantly have a gill's ice cream cone!  hahaha  j/k...well, maybe not.  (if you don't get the loteria grill blog and go down near the bottom where i talk about ice cream)

don't forget to sanitize your hands!  since many people are touching the it's nice they provide hand sanitizer!  since not all people do it...i'd santize before and after getting my yogurt. 

yup...we took up one whole side of the yogurt shop!  cheers! 

as if we didn't eat enough was time for dinner to celebrate auntie lily's 23rd birthday!
albert and karen made roasted beef with mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, sweet corn, grilled baby sweet peppers, gravy and rice!

the meat was so tender and flavorful!  thank you!  you know...this picture just reminds me of when we were the little kids, gathering around the table getting our food.  so many fond memories in this house...there is nothing like family, enjoying a home cooked meal and celebrating the one's that we love.

and nothings says birthday like...

happy birthday auntie lily!

PUMPKIN PIE!!!   hehe...since we already had birthday cake earlier that day...karen thought it would be nice to have something different.  (as a food professional, i don't agree with having a dog near the food...but that's's a private residence)  haha

this was such a great day!!!  i am truly grateful for my family!!  i love you guys!


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