the eating continues... an addiction to the claw game

i spend a lot of time in YES plaza, well not THAT much time...its not just the food that brings me to this place.  some of you know, i LOVE the little chinese arcade tucked away in the corner near noodle house no. 1, kyochon chicken, and jungle teabar. 

this little chinese arcade, has tons of those claw games and the basketball games.  there is no signage outside to tell you that it even exists...and it wasn't until the other day, that i finally found out the name of this place, mvp shooters. 

alison is working on trying to win a little holeman.  we ended up winning two of them.

so, for all my friends who visit me in beautiful walnut, i always take them to this place, why?  because i can't stop playing these dang games!!  it is challenging and frustrating all at the same time! 

ali, was workin' the gloomy bear machine and won four of them!

you can also trade them for other toys.  (truly this is a addition to the claw game)
this is only half of the toys we won.   hahahaha

i brought bertina, andrew and grace here on monday night was our loot from that night.  hehe

we did a bit of trading and got bertina and grace my all time favorite toy there...the yellow bean!!!

isn't she just the cutest?!  i love those big ol' eyes and sweet little smile and the touch of pink on her cheeks!  haha  give me a break, i don't gamble in vegas anymore...i need something!!  =)

a monkey i won, which i will trade later on...

oh yeah!  the food!  so right next to the arcade (it's all connected) is the jungle teabar.  they have a huge selection of chinese snacks and beverages.  they have one of the best milk teas i've ever had.  it super creamy and not too sweet, but just the perfect balance of tea, milk and sugar (for me).  my dad is diabetic and he requested his without sugar and also thought it was really good.

bad picture, it was from my phone
alison LOVES radish cake...

i love the individual rectangles, cooked to a golden crispness!  this was served with a GARLICY soy dipping sauce.  good Lord!!  we are talking some serious garlic in this sauce.  you could tell that the garlic was old, like when you look at your garlic bulb/cloves and you see that green stem growing out of it...and when you use it, its super spicy and kind of bitter tasting.  that's what i called old garlic.  anyhow...i tasted that "hot" garlic flavor.  the actual radish cake was ok, great texture, crisp outside and soft inside.  sadly it was a bit bland.  we got a side of chili paste to go with the soy dip.  i was pretty full, so i only had one piece, but from just one dip in that sauce my mouth was hummin' from that garlic!  wow! 

there are so many little dishes to try, which i am sure i will eventually one day!  especially since i'll need a little snack break while trying to win all those damn toys!  seriously, its not even like i want to keep all these toys!  i love sharing them with my friends and family...i just like to win!!!  hehe  =)  i can't help it!  once you will know exactly why i love coming to this place...just ask bertina and alison.  they know. 

here's the address for jungle case you want to check it out and find this fun little place to play some games.

Jungle Teabar
18178 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 965-5459


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