dim sum for one @ new capital seafood

New Capital Seafood Restaurant
1330 S. Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 581-9813

i haven't been to the diamond plaza off fullerton since my mom was alive, and we ate at the previous restaurant where new capital seafood is now.  and i remember she had the crystal chicken feet.  but she still liked the stewed ones in soy sauce much better.  i was strolling around the whole center, trying to check out all the different restaurants they had there.  my friend andrew kept telling me good the dim sum was at new capital, so then i finally decided i would eat there for lunch.  i had parked at the complete opposite end of the parking lot and it wasn't till i had walked up to the restaurant that i realized i had left my camera in the car.  so i apologize for the crappy pictures from my phone. 

i wanted to make note of this place because there were a couple of really stand out items that i completely loved and enjoyed.  the first picture above is the salt water dumplings, at least that's the name i give it because i really don't know the name of it in english.  its this sticky, salty, sweet dough that seems to be deep fried and filled with little bits of pork.  i wish it was hotter when i got it, but it was still pretty good. i just love how the dough is so sticky and kind of gets stuck on your teeth.

quick note, i went at about 1:30 pm so i think they were running out of choices. 

the steaming cart was rolling by and i quickly asked to see what was underneath all the little silver covers...

some sort of shrimp dumpling, with an assortment of mushrooms and veggies inside.  not super flavorful, but you better believe i dipped each bite in some hot chili.  this was ok.

i was looking and asking for one of my all time favorite items, the beef in long noodles.  but i swear, the lady with that very item was not coming in my direction!!  you better believe i was looking everywhere for her!  i even asked my waiter 3 times if they had it!  like i said earlier, since it was so late, there was a limited assortment of dim sum.  so when the lady walked by with a tray of egg tarts i took it even though i wasn't even done eating yet.

those three little precious tarts were so flaky and tender!!  omg!  i have to say these were some of the best egg tarts i've ever had!  wow!  so amazing!!!  like i said...so flaky...just layers upon layers of the dough so thin and crisp, yet airy and light!  and the egg custard was sweet and tender...it was the perfect balance between custard and crust.  yum.  i'd go back to eat those any day.

i know i skipped straight to dessert, but now, the piece de resistance!  my beef in long noodles!

as most of you know, there are typically three long noodles, set up like a pyramid.  but in all my excitement when they finally arrived, i just started eating them immediately, so this was all that was left when i remembered to take a picture of it.  this sauce is one of THE best sauces i've had in a really long time.  it was so flavorful, and it wasn't just that it had a lot of soy sauce, but whatever it is that they use, it just really enhanced the whole thing.  i wish i could articulate exactly what ingredient they used to make it so good, but i cannot.  i will ask them next time i go.  because the noodles itself have very little taste, i like to flip the noodles around and around in the sauce so that it can absorb as much sauce as possible and get all that flavor into the noodle.  then i dip it in the chili sauce...those slippery noodles constantly sliding out of my big chopsticks...but with my intent focus, i don't let any of those yummy noodles out of my grasp.   i eat every single long noodle.  hmmm...so good.   

i would like to go back again, next time earlier and with more people so there are more items to chose from more food to eat! 

for the egg tart and long noodles alone...i'd go back!

thanks andrew for sharing a new dim sum place for me to go to!! 


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