burger break!

i know a lot of the restaurants i review are predominantly asian, but that's because i live in a very asian community so that's what's pretty much available to me.

i do need a variety, so last night i broke down and went to in-n-out and got a grilled cheese - animal style, fries - well done and a medium coke.  hmmm...coke.  i didn't even take a picture of it because i was so hungry and needed to satiate my craving for something different and BAD for me!  yeah!  i would've gotten a strawberry shake too, but it was kind of late.  so i restrained myself.

this in-n-out is right off the 60 fwy, i think its the brea canyon exit, you can't miss it when you are heading east.  i must give this in-n-out some serious props.  FINALLY!  they made my fries, all my fries well done, just as i requested!  every single fry was crispy and crunchy!!  thank you fry guy!  you rock!! 

for those of you who have been following along, you know how much i despise limp, soggy fries.  limp, soggy anything is very unappealing to me. 

don't fret my friends, i am going to try some new flavors this weekend!!  i see some thin crust pizza in my future...oh man, i LOVE pizza!  we'll see if my eating companion is up for the drive down to san diego.  please please please dear God!  let me find some freaking good pizza here in california!!  if not, i got a name of small pizza joint in ny that i might have to just fly over and check out one day soon.  i did search all over ny one year and finally found my favorite pizza in new jersey!  yes...you read that correctly, new jersey.  as a pizza connoisseur (again, self proclaimed) as i have been informed...by every great pizza maker...its all in the water.
this place i want to go to uses bottled water and he's from italy and brings his pizza making talent to the san diego area.

i just took my sleep aid, and i'm falling asleep...so i will finish my dim sum for two blog a little bit later.

good night everyone!!

pray for pizza!!  good pizza!  fabulous,unforgettable pizza!  i need that!!

ok...night night!  =)

ps. if some of this doesn't make sense...you can blame the lunesta!


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