bloggin' break!! oatmeal chocolate chip ice cream sandwich...yum

i am behind on my blogging and have quite a few more to write!!  but i was getting hungry and wanted something sweet and yummy to fill my belly!  i gotta tell you, i love oatmeal cookies...and i used to think i only loved them when they were nice and crispy and of course, with NO raisins, till i ate mama vicki's oatmeal cookies with golden raisins, (this is my dear friend kate's mama) and her's are so sinfully delicious!  i think it's because she makes it with love.  the last time i was in vegas, mama vicki had made a bunch of cookies for kate and she gave me a bagful to take home with me...and halfway home to l.a. i realized i had forgotten my cookies!  i was devastated!!!  picture in a deep canyon with no one around (perhaps in the swiss alps)...screaming...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  it was sad. a.d.d. is kicking back to my little treat.

i picked up these yummy crispy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from eleni's in new york!  and i got a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream and put that creamy scoop on top of one cookie and got the other one and just smushed it down.  the ice cream was just the perfect consistency so that when i pushed down on that top cookie it just kind of slowly oozed its way towards the edges.  hmmmmm 

my first bite...crispy cookie that was starting to soften from the ice cream...and you know how when you bite down, the ice cream starts to ooze out of the sides and you have to lick all the way around to make sure it doesn't drip all over.  like a really good peanut butter and jelly sandwich when the jelly is oozing out.  oooh!   or like a tuna sandwich!  is it just me or does everyone else experience the tuna falling out as your eating it! 

anyhow...this was such a delightful treat!  honestly, i want to make another one.  =)  but i'm going to restrain myself.

next blog!


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