back to new capital seafood restaurant! this time its dim sum for two!

New Capital Seafood Restaurant
1330 S. Fullerton Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 581-9813

my internet was down for a couple of days and finally the cable man came today and brought me a new i'm continuing my alison eating fest from last week!

so thursday, we didn't have much time...i had the contractors come in to do an estimate, then we had an hour to eat before we had to drive out to san marino, so we thought, quick and easy!  DIM SUM!  and since i had just gone to new capital, ali said she'd like to try it we got in the car and zipped off too the restaurant.

as soon as we sat down, the food started flying off the carts and onto our of the first things to hit our table was the shui mai...

i don't don't normally eat this...but both alison on my impression on this was that it was way too big to pop in your mouth. the meat was a little bit and chunky...i taste buds were not overwhelmed with a desire to order this again. but if someone knows of a good place for shui mai, please tell me where to go and i'll try it again.

over at hong kong palace, i had this a couple of times...its yu teow - chinese donut (literalltranslated into oil stick)

wrapped in long noodle sheets, topped with a sweet hoisin like sauce and sesame seeds. this dish was totally cold when they gave it to us, the "donut" was chewy and didn't have much flavor and i really didn't care for the sauce. this was not very good. at least here it wasn't.

har gow, shrimp dumplings...

this were simple and good...we all know that the real flavor comes from the chili and soy you dip it in. the shrimp was plentiful, plump and tender.

deep fried chicken wings... 

ok, this was kind of a strange was super crispy which i liked and appreciated it, but there was a really strange odor when i ate it.  if any of you out there eats thousand year old duck egg, and you close your eyes and your mouth and you kind of inhale when the egg is in your mouth, you can smell that sulphuric smell that is thousand year old duck egg.  you either love it or hate  i have to say, i love it when the yolk is kind of runny and you put tons of shoyu, sesame seed oil, scallions and cilantro.  some places put hoisin, i think, and it tastes really good too.

alison had to smell it for herself...yup!  smells like sulphur!

anyhow...back to that odor. now i'm ok with it when i eat those eggs, BUT! not when i'm eating chicken wings! it was the weirdest thing! when i took a bite of the chicken wing and breathed in it was the SAME sulphuric odor that went up my nose! bizarre!!! i was baffled by this and when one of the ladies who had it on her cart also had some fried tofu passed by i that stinky tofu? because i wondered if it was fried in the same oil or something. the cart lady looked a bit offended and said NO! its just fried i said..."oh ok! thanks!" yikes...they can be scary sometimes...and i'm chinese and speak it too! they can be so intimidating sometiimes. haha...nah...its really not that bad. so back to the chicken, if you don't like 1000 year old duck eggs and you aren't into sulphur fumes on your food...don't get these chicken wings.

shrimp and chive dumplings...

these were tasty, i always love garlic chives with shrimp.  these were very mild and weren't too strong in taste.  but i love dumplings in all i enjoy getting them...but i have another one coming up that i really loved more than these.  these needed the chili and soy for more flavor.

ok...i'm sure recognize these guys...the beef in long noodles...all of them before we ate them...=)

as i said in my "dim sum for one" blog, this is one of the best sauces i've had for beef in long noodle in a really long time!  loved it...dipped and sauced the entire body of the noodle to give it every ounce of flavor i could.  this dish is one that i will recommend with no trepidation or hesitation!  YOU MUST ORDER THIS IF YOU GO HERE!  you like that subliminal message i just sent you?  haha

more chive and shrimp dumplings, but these are typically pan fried.  but notice that the dough still looks like snow...white. 

except for that one brown line on this bottom left one...but whatever.  first off, another cold dish...and actually i'm being very kind in saying just cold, i should tell you, even though i loved the flavor of the garlic chives in this was robust and you could really taste the flavor of the chives, this was ice cold.  like someone just took it out of the fridge.  i did complain about it, but the cart lady said it was because of the a/c.  hmmm...should we believe that?  but quite a few of our dishes were cold, maybe their a/c was insanely cold that focused only on the food, so that we would never burn our tongues?!  uh...yah!  not likely.  best one i've had so far, dim sum in philly with andrew, bertina and alison.  i have to look up the name, but i'm sure andrew or bertina could tell me right away.  THAT was so awesome!  i could eat like 3 plates of theirs all by myself.  at least...only because there are other things i want to eat too.  hehe

picture happy people!

alison sharing all of our food with her family

everyone needs their veggies...take care of your colon!  we got some chinese broccoli - gan lan.

fresh and crunchy, you can't go wrong.

ok...i'm sorry, we got this last and completely forget to take pictures of it!  the radish cake...

nice and golden on top and bottom, soft tender texture, big chunks of radish.  the flavor was ok for me...i am not crazy about the dried shrimp, but i know it adds flavor...but its always a bit overwhelming for me.  i have to refer back to the dim sum restaurant in philly...THAT was THE best radish cake i'd ever eaten.  dang it!  let me go look up the name...the album is in my face book albums.  Joy Tsin Lau!  there!  *sigh*  i wish i could fly there and eat some dim sum...yum.  funny huh?  why fly all the way to philly, especially since i live in "china". 

ooohhhh...egg tarts...again.

today, (well, on thursday) THIS was my favorite thing of our entire meal.  it was HOT!  right out of the oven and so soft and tender while still having the bite from the crust.  which wasn't as flaky as the one i had the other day, but the warmth of the egg custard was so heavenly!  this hot little egg tart made my whole meal!!

thanks al for letting me eat most of them. hehe *oink oink*

so i have kind of a mixed review this time...mainly due to some temperature issues with some of the food, and some dishes with new and unexpected flavors and aromas.  but my favorites are still the beef in long noodles and egg tarts.  i'm sure there are more things to try next time...

hot egg tarts...THAT is happy eating!


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