at last...korean bbq @ Park's!!!

Park's BBQ
955 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90006

my long anticipated visit to Park's BBQ in korea town...especially after having tried it at the 1st annual korean bbq cookoff this summer.  there were many planned trips to eat here, but something always came up and i had to cancel. was completely unplanned and i am extremely pleased that alison felt like korean bbq, along with the fact that all the restaurants aaron and i were thinking about fell through. this impromptu korean bbq dinner was the perfect place for the three of us to go.  it was destiny!

just watch the whole delicious meal unfold...and i want to apologize for the sound quality...i promise it will be better next time. 

YouTube does not allow me to have videos over 10 minutes long, so i was forced to break up the whole video into three parts.  sorry!!

please note, i always like to find out the names of everything i eat.  whenever i go eat korean food with one of my dearest friends esther, who is korean, she typically tells me the names of all the dishes when i ask her what they are.  so it just suprises me when the staff doesn't know the name of certain dishes or the actual products.  i'm not trying to be mean, if you know know that i am forever joking nothing is ever meant to be hurtful or mean. 

typically, i just kind of expect people in restaurants of any type of cuisine to know what they are serving to us, and if they don't, they always ask and find out...and i completely appreciate that! happens everywhere!  remember gordon ramsay's?  the waiter had no idea it was trumpet mushroom stems!

just one more clip to watch!!

i know i said they didn't have the spicy radish kimchee and then i said i'd use the spicy radish kimchee!  what i meant was that at some places they have just a little plate of julienned spicy radish only...and at first i couldn't tell that the large strips were radish also, and it was just a few pieces with the raw napa, which i'd never seen it done that way! 

so...i sounded like a "DUH!" moment...but i just had to clarify.  haha  remember!  this is totally unscripted and i only do this in one take!  we don't go back and refilm any of it. 
my last few words on the food...i don't know what i was thinking was i was ordering...but it is unlikely i will get the unseasoned meat again.  i'm sure there are many beef purists who'd prefer it that way, i'm just telling you how i like to eat my meat.  so you should try it both ways to see what your favorite way to eat their short ribs is!

for is all about the #3 - that's all you need to remember! (on the first page of the menu)

ok, i will tell you the name...its the gal-bi seasoned prime beef short rib.  nothing complicated.

#8 - bulgogi...

kimchi pancake...

aaron, not letting any of the delicious marinated short rib meat go to waste!

grrrrr...who doesn't love meat on the bone!

alison, relieved of her filming duties to enjoy some of the fantastic korean bbq!

preparing a most excellent bite of bbq!

for those of you who aren't comfortable with cooking your own meat, you don't have to worry, like you saw in the video, they completely take care of it for you! that was so nice,i really loved that service and i think you would too!

no "actors" were used in this show, aaron is playing himself so it doesn't really count.  haha thanks aaron for being a part of dining with dinner on video part deux!

many thanks to alison for joining in on the eating fest and of course...filming. you rock mama!

our bellies were full and just ecstatic from all the tender, succulent meats and tasty side dishes we consumed!  if you love korean've got to check out Park's BBQ!!!

thanks for reading and watching...i hope you all enjoyed it! and remember! its all about the #3 , bulgogi and kimchi pancakes!

happy eating!


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