7a - late night dining in the east village

109 Ave A
New York, NY 10009
(212) 475-9001

east village

late night dinner after the pole superstar competition!  my friend jen and i just wanted to go somewhere simple with a variety of foods...so as soon as we jumped out of the cab, we landed in front of 7A.  i had lots of catching up to do with my dear friend, so i didn't want to waste time looking for a place to eat.  so in we went! 

jen was so good, so had a caesar salad and pollo penne pasta.  say cheese jenny!

the salad was fresh and crisp...it could use a bit more seasoning...but i must say the one thing that i really liked about the dressing is they use real anchovy in it!  and so few places do that...but it just adds the other flavor dimension which i think is so key in a great caesar salad! 

i just had a bite, but it was simple and fine.  i didn't try the chicken so i cannot comment on it.  just from the picture, i think it could use a bit more sauce or something for more moisture, but i would have added some crushed red peppers to give it a bit more zippiness!
i just wanted some comfort food so i had their creamy tomato soup and a tuna sandwich on 7 grain bread. 

it was creamy just like the description.  nice tomato flavor without being to acidic which was nice.  i don't even think i added any additional seasonings!  wow!  that's so good when i don't have to add anything!  yeah!!!

my sammie...

they grilled my 7 grain bread, which sadly tasted a bit stale, but i loved the avocado and melted cheddar in there.  the tuna was simple, nothing crazy and had plenty of mayo in it.  since the bread was a bit dry and stale, i got a side of mayo to help bring in just a bit more moisture on it.  i did give my avocado a shower of salt and pepper.  it was a simple tuna melt sandwich that satisified my hunger...especially since i only had a croissant at like 6:30 earlier that morning, and 1/4 of a $4 bag of nuts from the plane and that's it till the time we finally ate...about 11:30 pm that night.  (there seems to be a theme in the $4 prices!  you'll know what i'm talking about if you just read the last post!) 

ok, did you see the fries?  i asked them to be extra crispy as usual, but it was like a seasoned fry!  and it was crisp,flavorful and delicious!  i saw that you could order a side of cheese sauce with your fries, so i of course had to get a side of it!  who doesn't love cheese sauce?!  mind you, i don't know where they went to get this cheese to melt it, but it took forever!!  i ate almost all my fries by the time it came out.  of course...i got a picture of it! 

hot creamy cheese sauce...

look how it just clings to the crispy fry...

the cheese sauce was creamy and very mild.  ok...what do you think i added to it?  yes...salt.  it needed just a little punch to bring out the flavor just a bit more.  i think the other problem was that the fry itself was so well seasoned that it really over powered the mild cheese sauce.  jen and i both agreed on this and perhaps if the fry wasn't a seasoned fry it would've been perfect. i'm wondering about having a super crispy fry lightly tossed with garlic and herbs and then dipped into the cheese sauce.  ohhhh...that sounds good too!!

but my old standard for fries is... yup...you got it.

what possessed me to take a picture with my all time favorite ketchup?  i just love this fat litle chubby heinz ketchup bottle.  i don't know why, but i just love the shape and it makes me smile!  i like to think i am a ketchup connoisseur.  in fact, i have done blind taste tests and can name the top three ketcup makers...my least favorite ones are del monte and hunts.  yuck.  it's gotta be heinz or nothing!!! 

as jen says, you can't finish a meal without something sweet.  you gotta love this girl!  i totally agree.

here we have the warm apple streudel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  our first choice of a triple chocolate mousse cake was all gone!  let me say, i was devastated!  i was totally salivating and ready to dig my fork into all those layers of chocolatey mousse...only to be denied!!!  so we got the streudel.  *sigh*  where do i begin.  you don't see it in the picture, but they served it to us with a steak knife.  i thought...what the hell is the steak knife doing on here, and then i thought, perhaps they were being thoughtful since there were now 3 of us eating and then we could cut it up to share. 

as we put our forks into the streudel, you would normally think it would just break those flakey layers, but it was a bit doughy and tough to get through...finally with much effort, we all got a bite.  there was a nice flavor (despite the fact i hate raisins) it was a much needed sweetness.  the apples were still quite tart and created that tightness in the back of your jaws...but this is where the ice cream also helps to balance out that tartness and gives you that wonderful creaminess.  well, after we all took our initial bites and started discussing the "warm" streudel, we realize that it has been nuked!  NUKED!  who nukes streudel!?!  that's why we needed the steak knife to break through the rubbery dough!  *shaking head*  that is so sad.  it breaks my heart to know that's how they heated it.  i don't think any of us will ever get that again. 

well...i suppose i could add some videos from the pole dancing competition.  haha...we'll see...i have more blogging to do.  but i do have a few really good ones to share! 


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