something new! with aaron takahashi

so, i have been wanting to film my eating excursions and share these great experiences with all of you!  i finally had an opportunity to do this on monday night and i am so happy that i could do this with my friends aaron and liza.

aaron suggested we try out a restaurant in downtown l.a. called octopus. this is a sushi bar/japanese restaurant. i will preface this whole viewing experience by saying, i am NOT a film editor so, this is all pretty raw. so please excuse some of the noise issues and funky filming. remember...this is low budget, but so much fun!

our host and sushi chef, Rex

first course, rex suggested the albacore tataki as being one of the top favorites.

this dish was really nice, the albacore was so fresh, the jalapeno was present but never completely overwhelmed my mouth, the nice touch of the garlic chip is always so full of flavor and crunch and the yuzu soy was so refreshing and just added a nice touch to the albacore.

second course, shrimp in jalapeno sauce

i enjoyed this dish very much, the shrimp was simple and lightly crispy, perfectly cook, and the sauce though simple with jalapeno, cilantro, tomato, rice wine vinegar and sugar, it still had a nice amount of complexity and was so refreshing to eat with the shrimp.  it did have a nice little kick when i tried it on its on which i really liked.

third course, beef yakisoba.  now this wasn't just your ordinary thin piece of meat cut into strips, these were giant chunks of beef that were grilled nicely and there was a lot of it too!  this is a dish i would get again if i'm just having a simple lunch or dinner and wasn't going to get anything else, but we all know, i can't just eat one thing...ha!  but i liked it

aaron and i testing it out and putting another spin on how to eat our yakisoba

more on the yakisoba

fourth course, rex's special - cajun spiced albacore with his version of pico de gallo.  you can hear my critique on the video.

just a brief intermission to bring you this message about their happy hour specials.  i don't know what happened with the audio, but remember...low budget...but i will make sure this doesn't happen in the future!  so bear with me please.  thank you! =)

ok, back to the eating...but just so you know, we didn't end up getting that spicy tuna on crispy rice cakes with seaweed.

fifth course, another chef rex special - shrimp stuffed with cream cheese wrapped with white tuna, seaweed and topped off with some crispy red onion and served with a garlic ponzu sauce

young the g.m. brought us a little treat before we tasted the shrimp...

we are starting to get full, so it was time for some dessert.
liza, poor girl had to film everything, working so hard especially after having just finished a
gig, was interested in trying the tempura green tea ice cream. 

instead of having a second dessert, we skipped it and ordered ame ebi, since aaron and liza both love eating the deep fried shell!

this poor guy was blind in one eye...too bad for him.  he didn't know what hit him when liza started eating him from the left side.  *shaking head* 

unfortunately for aaron, his little shrimp kept both of his little beady eyes on him...

don't you just love how the video always stops when you have some ridiculous look on your face???

the staff at octopus was awesome! and i'd like to thank rex the sushi chef again for some great food and young, the g.m. for showing us some great hospitality!

kenny, a random stranger walking by, but a big fan of aaron's!  he passed us by, but had to run back and get a quick pic of one of his favorite actors.  thank you kenny!

we had actually filmed the end of the evening by introducing more of the octopus staff and i got a chance to ask aaron what he thought of octopus (which he totally enjoyed by the way), but somehow the audio wasn't working so, you have to just watch me talk by myself at home.  haha  sorry aaron! (i'll actually turn on the mic next time!)  haha

for cryin' out loud!  this one makes me look like i'm on drugs! 
who do i talk to at you tube about these videos and where they pause at?!

i had a great time at octopus and would love to go back and check out more of their menu next time!  thank you again!

octopus restaurant
729 W. Seventh St
Los Angeles, CA 90017


  1. awesome video review!

    yummmmy sushi...when are you coming to hawaii? I got a bunch of restaraunts I wanna go to! ;)

  2. thank you kev!!

    i'm coming out in dec! let's go eat!!!

  3. really???? wow! sweet! :)

    will make the reservations now!

  4. haha...yes! we'll have to get leonie and keen to join in on the eating festivities!

    start making the calls!


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