simple foods

i didn't eat out today...(and no, the bowling alley does not count as eating out)... i had lunch at my sister's and she made one of my childhood favorites, fried rice! very simple...just rice, eggs and green onions...seasoned with salt and white pepper. (i normally like black pepper, but it was really nice with the white pepper also). something that is really important to me about food is that it doesn't have to be over the top complicated...the key is making something that is simple, but making sure that it perfectly seasoned. don't gross out...when i was a kid, i had a major obsession with ketchup and i ate it on almost everything! so...i like ketchup on my fried rice! hehehe

i had nachos at the bowling alley...well...just chips (which are freshly deep fried...i like them b/c they are thin and super crispy...i would even say a sprinkling of salt would be perfect on it...but come on...i'm in the bowling alley, not joel robuchon's. haha and of course...that processed nacho cheese sauce and a fairly decent salsa! that was my "dinner" while i bowled.

for my little snack, toast with melted creamy peanut butter (reduced fat) and toast with melted butter and bon maman strawberry jam. again...simple foods. perfectly toasted bread, and as soon as the bell goes ding on the toaster oven, i pull one slice out...get my peanut butter on it, and put it right back in so the heat melts it down so its super creamy and yummy!!! then its to the next slice...get that butter on there and spread it from end to want the whole piece of toast to be covered, then back in the oven, to make sure its all completely melted also. bring out my p.b. toast, again, spreading it from end to end....oh man. i love it. and then...buttered bread...get that strawberry jam on it...not too much...but enough to go all over the entire piece of toast. i like to cut my bread into triangles. i'm so ocd...i always like to eat the piece with the top of the bread first, because the bottom piece is my favorite...hahaha i weird. and i like it in triangles because its easy to take the first bite on the end without getting any p.b. or jam on your face if you take a super big bite. describing all of my funky eating habits is making me seems so strange to actually share how i like to eat writing. i mean i talk about all the time...but to see it in writing...i hope i am able to convey the true essence of why i do certain things and how it makes me appreciate what i'm eating.

i think i'm going to share not just restaurant reviews, but also things i cook or make...whatever it might be that has to do with food. my next thing might be the art of the perfect sandwich. we'll see what my time is like tomorrow. again...simple but good. that's what is so important.


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